Many of our human desires for closeness and keeping our partner sexually satisfied, as well as the release of physical tension, are directly complemented by having a close partner willing to help satisfy those desires. 

Minor problems can turn into major ones, the benefit of the doubt doesn’t come as easily, and it’s generally a shitty time for everyone. So to help you keep things satisfying and fulfilling in the bedroom, here are some strategies you should follow:

1- Communicate openly with your partner.

Many people separate their sexual selves and their “regular” selves from their partner. Sexual issues don’t have to be any different. They shouldn’t really be left strictly in the bedroom. When both you and your partner have a chance, you should take stock of how you feel about your sex life. 

It’s important to be as honest and realistic as possible, without being rude. You can ask what kinds of things you already do that your partner loves, and you can also focus on what you lack and miss.

This discussion should be a brainstorming session where you both work together to figure out how to make each other’s engines run again and again. You will be surprised at the simplicity of your sex life. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own heads and forget what’s really important.

2- Be open to experiment

You will only discover the gaps in your current sex life through experimentation. After all, sexual development is an ongoing process. You won’t know what really turns you on and leaves you satisfied if you don’t try new things. An easy start is role play or even investing in sex toys, it can be worthwhile to find out what kind of stimulation you respond best to.

Now, with toys like wearable vibrators, you can engage in games you’re not used to and even bond to try and discover the toy together. Other things like trying new positions is also a great form of experimentation. Spontaneity and sex go side by side.

3- Sex is not a race

Most misinterpretations come from people who don’t conceive the sex in a way that leads to a worthwhile session. Instead, people tend to be too focused on penetration and orgasm.

Sex should be a mutual sharing, to give and receive pleasure at any level of intensity. If your focus is on both of you having an orgasm, you’re not giving the right value as there’s a lot more. I’m talking about foreplay or specific acts just for your partner, surely it would end up much more satisfying.


4- Educate yourself to be satisfied

Our sex education is poor, both in schools and with our parents. They tend to give a very simple version of sex education with the main aim of avoiding unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, while schools give a very scientific presentation of all things related to sex and sexual organs.

Most men, for example, do not realise that a large percentage of women cannot reach orgasm without some level of prior clitoral stimulation, at the same time, many women do not know which parts of the penis are the most sensitive. 

If we learned about the genitals involved and how they influence sexual pleasure, things could be different.

5- Explore before you give in to temptation

We also tend to focus too much on our genitals during sexual encounters, as they are the main tools used. That doesn’t mean that the body is not full of other erogenous zones such as thighs, waist, ears, etc. Rubbing and touching each other can do a lot. This is because we have a physical response to sexual touch that releases a lot of different chemicals in the brain.

This kind of tender touching before, during or after a sexual encounter helps to enhance the flames of intimacy between two people, while completely avoiding any anxiety surrounding our private parts. Don’t think that the genitals are the only things involved in getting satisfied: it’s a whole body experience.

6- Relax and enjoy

Sexual satisfaction is achieved not by forcing but by creating an environment conducive to it. Both you and your partner should relax in each other’s presence. 

A man should try not to worry about how long he will last or whether his body is up to it, while a woman should try her best not to worry about “letting her man down”. So light some candles, kiss your partner gently, and get ready to connect physically and emotionally.