Are you ready to improve your sexual life with these sex hacks?

Movies, porn and magazines tell us how a good sex life and even passion “should look like”. But most of that merely touches the surface, plus does not do a good job in terms of offering you good sex hacks, making you happier and more satisfied.

Sex is one of the most wonderful things we can experience in this world, and it should not be about living up to standards set by the media. Sex is a huge part of all of our lives anyway we look at it. Whether we are getting it (or not getting it), we all think about sex an absurd amount. But not all of us are doing it right. And all jokes aside, we all can add a little more to our sexual resume. So take a look at these sex hacks for the bedroom!

Here are 6 incredible sex hacks to spice up your love making sessions.

sex hacks

Embrace your self-pleasure

Masturbation is one of the most common sex hacks to follow. Masturbation leads to you knowing your luscious body better. You will reinforce to yourself that you deserve pleasurable touch whether or not you have a partner. You will know what pleases you so that you can show someone else. You can experiment alone first if you are feeling shy. You can even put on an incredible show for your partner.

When you have the body confidence, you can explore adult toys, foreplay, roleplay, and tantra. When you are in love with yourself you can communicate with your partner. When you have self-esteem, you don’t feel the need to compromise your sexual self and you have the courage to take responsibility for your own orgasm.

So with toys or without, please yourself often. Studies show that self-touch can increase feelings of confidence and self-esteem. In addition, women who indulge in self-pleasure are reportedly more orgasmic.

Practice breathing the right way

Sexual energy is life force energy, experts say. But during arousal, most people’s breath gets shallow and they tense their bodies rather than letting revitalizing oxygen circulate throughout their lungs and bloodstream. When we are breathing deeply, we rejuvenate and build stamina, so we feel more energized after sex rather than the cliché of having sex then needing a nap.

So, it’s important you to follow our sex hacks and retrain yourself in the entire pacing of sex, to do a four count of breaths in and four counts of breaths out during lovemaking to delay orgasm. Rather than “the normal race to finish sex, we prioritize breathing deep into the belly and the genitals.

Unhand your man

Give your man a massage without using your hands by follow one of our incredible sex hacks. Before you begin, slowly undress your partner, but make sure that he stays warm. (If the room isn’t toasty enough, cover him with towels or sheets.) Then, keeping your hands at your side or behind your back, stroke his body (all except for his penis) with your face, hair, and breasts. Once he’s totally relaxed, rub your breasts against his penis and he’ll happily rise to the occasion.

Talk dirty to ‘Em

Sex is supposed to be fun so get even more adventurous by talking dirty. Tell your partner how you like it. Share with him where you want it. So in our experience great sex starts with a proper, sexy mind fuck – with words. Knowing how to flirt, knowing what to say to get the other one in the right mood.

Then, formulating your desires, being able to vocally steer sex the way you want it and not being afraid to ask what your sex partner desires from you. Expressing that you are having a wonderful time during sex, dirty talking, saying that you are about to come. Use your imagination and voice all of your dirty desires. Sex talk helps to stimulate your sexual partner’s major senses—so imagine how hot and bothered he’ll be once you tell him how horny you are. Indulge in sexting and phone sex.

Let go — Loudly!

When you’re sexually excited, really express yourself. Let yourself go in whatever way feels most comfortable. Scream your head off, laugh, shout his name — whatever you have the urge to do. If you’re embarrassed, just know that you’re doing your partner a favor. The more you express your pleasure, the more you make him feel like the stud of the universe. Bonus: Your orgasms will be even more powerful if you really let ‘er rip vocally.

Toy with him

Follow our sex hacks and stock up on some sex toys. Velvet-lined handcuffs can be exciting, and they don’t hurt like the metal ones do. Silk blindfolds build a sense of suspense — which can be really titillating. And you can never go wrong with a vibrator. Ask him to buzz it against your clitoris or tell him simply to sit back and watch you handle it. It will feel amazing for you, and he’ll be turned on just by seeing you so turned on.