Whether you’re a beauty newbie or you’ve been into all things makeup and hair for years, there’s always amazing things you can learn.

Whether you’re a legit beauty pro or a total newb, you can always benefit from a few beauty tips. Like, why struggle with your face cream or contour when there are so many easy hacks to make the process 100 times smoother? So in the spirit of sharing is caring, we went ahead and found the 5 amazing things and tricks of all damn time. So grab your makeup bag and that one product you never learned how to use, and keep scrolling.

Here are 5 amazing things you probably didn’t know about beauty.

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Over-cleansing can cause breakouts

Over washing your face or using harsh cleansers can majorly throw your skin off balance. Yup, there is such a thing as too clean when it comes to skincare – who’d have thought? By using cleansers that are too harsh (or maybe it’s just your skin), you can upset the skin’s water lipid-protein balance, weakening the defensive layer of your skin, which means bacteria is more easily able to penetrate, thereby increasing the likelihood of a breakout.

You could also be stripping your skin of its natural oils, and potentially dehydrating your skin. As a result, your skin will try to compensate for the lack of moisture and produce even more oil, upping your risk of blocked pores that can lead to breakouts.

How your skin ages in 90% within your control

If you’ve ever seen someone and thought “wow, they’ve aged well,” well, it’s not necessarily down to chance or genetics. We were kinda taken aback when  researchers from University, told us one of the most amazing things: that 90% of how our skin ages is within our control and is directly linked to sun exposure, which basically makes SPF the most effective anti-aging product on the planet.

One of our best skin care tips is to wear sunscreen daily to defend your skin from aging. If you’re worried sunscreen will make your skin break out, choose a formula packed with zinc. These products are usually non-greasy and non-irritating, making them ideal for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Skincare applied in the wrong order is almost useless

In fact, at times it would be more effective to abandon the product altogether rather than apply it incorrectly. For example, if you apply a new serum after your moisturizer, the serum will not be able to penetrate the moisture, because moisturizer creates a barrier on the skin, which would prevent the active (and expensive) ingredients in your serum from reaching the deeper layers of the skin.

Most oils, unless they specify otherwise, also create a barrier on the skin, and that’s why they’re so amazing a locking in moisture – it also means you should apply them as the last step in your routine!

Your skin is slightly acidic

Did you know that your skin is slightly acidic? And, to remain happy and healthy, and more importantly, glowy, it needs to remain within the acidic bracket at roughly 4.7. Naturally, we have an acidic film on the outer layer of our skin (the acid mantle), which helps protect the skin from bacteria, pollution, and allergens.

However, using too many acidic products (like AHAs and BHAs) can irritate your skin while using products that are too alkaline (any soapy products) can cause redness, and even speed up aging. We know, shocking and one of the most amazing things we knew about beauty!

This is why it’s so important to look for pH-balanced products. Equally, you need to examine your skincare regime and check that you’re not applying too many acidic or alkaline products that would tip your skin’s pH level off-balance. For example, if your cleanser contains salicylic acid and you’re using a vitamin C product you may not need to use an exfoliating toner as well, to avoid acid overload.

Dancing makes your skin glow

Dancing is also a great key to looking younger and enhancing your skin health, so why not get those dancing shoes at the ready?

It is proven that people who regularly exercise can reverse the signs of ageing, both physically and mentally. Studies have revealed that dancing has the most profound effect of all the activities. And wow…what a stress relieve it is! We all know that when stress takes its’ toll, it can affect the way our skin looks and feels. By decreasing our stress levels, some skin conditions can show a huge improvement.  So dancing is a great way to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.

When you sweat, toxins and dead skin cells are removed from the body, promoting new ones to grow. Now’s your chance to practice your new TikTok dance routine. Isn’t this one of the most amazing things you have heard about beauty?