Body language is a great way to assert control and communicate strength and power for a woman.

Female body language, or the body language of women, is not all that different from that of men. However, female body language does have a few noticeable differences that both sexes can make note of.

You are perhaps a pro at reading the signs which tell you she is not interested, you now have to learn to know when she is. When it comes to reading the body language of a woman who is attracted to you, being alert and observant is the need of the hour. As the women read your body language signs, they also throw hints of their own without perhaps realizing it.

However, reading someone’s body language can be a challenge, as some clues may be complicated and indirect, while others may be upfront and easy to read. It’s also worth noting that none of these indicate that she is absolutely interested, but they may help offer some useful insight if you’re trying to understand how she feels without asking directly.

Find below some of the secrets of body language to read a woman like an expert.


She plays with her hair

When we are talking about female body language signs of attraction, we first talk about involuntary signs of attraction. Have you noticed when attracted to someone women often start playing with their hair? They curl or twirl them, or simply throw them off their shoulders, thereby drawing your attention there. The reason behind pulling her hair back is to make her facial features and neck more prominent, in a subconscious attempt to appear alluring.

She makes eye contact

Well, this is a tricky one. Many people prefer making eye contact during conversations to show that they are paying attention. If she is just making eye contact with you, then it may not be a sign of attraction. If she is making eye contact with you and looking at your lips from time to time, it means that your lips are distracting her and she is thinking about how it would feel to have them on hers.

Her broad smile

If you are looking for positive female body language signs, then her smile is the one. Her mood lightens up whenever she sees you. She feels happy that you are there. The smile doesn’t fade, it lingers, it is almost involuntary, the slight twist around her lips. She may even be flirting with her eyes.

Biting or licking the lips.

Biting the lip can be a sign of nervousness and flirtation—sometimes both at the same time. Some women might lick their lips. In some cases, this is done to draw attention to the lips or to moisten them before kissing.

She arches her back

Arching her back is about posture. But it is also an involuntary body language sign of attraction. She arches her back by shifting her hips backward, it creates a curve in the lower back that captivates an observer’s gaze. The breasts and butt become more pronounced and this makes her appear more sensual.

She blinks a lot

You might find her blinking a lot while talking to you. It could be something you find normal. Notice whether her blinking is accompanied by a slight tilt in her head. It is because she is not just blinking, but batting her eyelids to charm you. Eyes that flutter show arousal or heightened emotions.

The way her legs cross

At times when she is sitting beside you or in front of you, you will notice she keeps crossing and uncrossing her legs. Ignore the first 3 crossings and uncrossing of legs, it could be a sign of restlessness or an attempt to get into a comfortable position. Even after that if she keeps at it, it is because she wants you to notice her legs. Who knew her crossing her legs is a subconscious attempt at getting you to notice her?

Moving objects.

When eating at a restaurant or sitting across from someone, a woman might move objects out of the way. This could be a sign she wants to be closer to the other person, particularly if it’s followed by physical touch.

She blushes, just like that!

Sometimes women can’t help but blush even if they don’t want to. It is because their attraction increases to such an extent that it is written all over their face and can be clearly seen in their body language. You can see her blush every time she talks to you or looks at you. What can be a clearer sign than that? Even though you are sure, she may play hard to get, look out for those signs.