Sex is a beautiful thing…and there are signs that show this

So being in love with sex is like being hooked up to a perpetual dopamine drip, and you get a little hit every time you make sex or touch someone you like or think about them?

You can think of sex as an intense obsession, but you can really fall in love with sex. You think about sex all the time; you become sexually possessive; you get butterflies in the stomach; you can read your lover emails and texts over and over again.

Take a look at these 15 signs that show you definitely are in love with sex.


You feel sensations in your genitals

One of the signs of being in love with sex is that it’s natural for your body to respond. People with vaginas may feel a tingly sensation and it may feel wetter than usual. On the other hand, those with a penis typically feel it harden when they think about sex.

You start collecting sex toys

Pleasure is self-interested. It’s about you: what you want, what you need, and how to get more of it. If you start collecting sex toys, oh yes, is one of the signs that you are in love with sex.

You buy sexy lingerie

You can spend a whole day just trying on all of your sexy lingerie and bras and panties, and time just flys.  Beyond that – dressing for sex also prepares you for the excitement and it amplifies your confidence and sex drive, if you have plan to make sex.

You can’t stop fantasizing about the person you’re into

Or really, you can’t stop fantasizing about anyone, from the hot movie star you dig to that barista from Starbucks with the luscious hair; it’s all signs of your newfound horniness.

No matter how your home looks like

When you are taking someone home, it does not even occur to you that your place is too messy for sexy times. Is there a sex-having space on the floor between the pizza, dirty underwear, and cake wrappers? Great.

You play a sensual playlist

Our senses are very involved in how we enjoy pleasure, and sound is ever-so-important. One of the signs that you are in love with sex you will probably listen to the playlist of your sexual dreams all the time.

You watch porn

When in doubt, watching other people have sex is a tried-and-true way of turning yourself on. If you are finding yourself watching at the kind of porn that works for you, you are surely in love with sex.

You send dirty voice recordings

Exchanging voice recordings back and forth where you engage in dirty talk is like a gold mine for sexual fantasy. Just keep in mind that phone companies may be able to see all the things you’re sending, which can make virtual sex a little iffy in the way of privacy.

You’re touching everyone a little too much

If your love language is physical touch, you may or may not know it, but you enjoy the release of the ‘ sex and feel-good hormones’ our body secretes like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. If you are the person who initiates thigh-touching on a date, you are in love with sex.

The condom is your best friend

You walk around with condom(s) in your purse. Of course, you never know! You can just trip and fall onto a penis.

You want more and more extreme sex

As you love for sex progresses, you start wanting increasing quantities of higher risk or extreme sexual behaviours. One of the signs that you are in love with sex is that you become obsessed with the intensity of sex, compounded by risk-taking behaviour and are never satisfied.

You masturbate all the time

When you are in love with sex you masturbate compulsively as part of your day-to-day routine. You probably will have a regular schedule and will masturbate at times during the morning, afternoon and night. You even do so when they are in a particular location or when something specific happens or when you experience a strong emotion.

You exploit other people for sex

If you are in love with sex you should be extremely skilled at manipulation, story-telling and empty promises. You will emotionally blackmail others in order to get what you want. Because of your constant need to satisfy your sexual urges, you will do whatever it takes to get your target to submit to your wishes.

You are overly preoccupied on sexual gratification

If you are are in love with sex have an insatiable appetite for sexual gratification and relentlessly seeks it out. This craving to engage in sexual activities takes over all aspects of your live and leads to overthink about sex.

You are obsessed by Tinder

You are “swiping right” on 150 men a day and meeting men several times a week. If you are thrilling to have a ton of people at your fingertips, you are definitely in love with sex.