Not all single women think that they need a man to make them happy and satisfied in life. These are the women for whom being single is a blessing. They embrace their solitude and they love their freedom. They don’t think being single is anything to worry about. In fact, for some women, relationships are all about drama and it all seems too complicated to handle. These are the kind of women who think being single works best for them.

We’re here to tell you the reasons why riding solo is the best option for some women than being in a relationship

single women

They don’t wish to deal with the stress and anxiety of a relationship

Dating can be painful and stressful for some. And some women simply decide to not put themselves through all that pain and stress. It’s absolutely normal that these women don’t want to be hurt. Some of them are not ready to risk entering a bad relationship because they appreciate their well-being above all. Fights, codependency, emotional baggage – they all come with the price some women don’t want to pay.

They don’t like commitment

Some single women like to date but they don’t plan to get involved in a serious or committed relationship that leads to marriage. Everyone has their own choice in life and not all of us can imagine being tied to one person for the rest of our lives. Sometimes, some women need more space and commitment is not what they strive for.

They enjoy other things in life

Single women who love being single don’t need a man to have a fulfilled life. They have other things in life to keep them happy. Traveling, going out with friends, flirting with random people, chasing a successful career is what excites them more than being in a relationship. Everyone has different priorities and conventional married life just doesn’t seem to be a priority for some women.

They’re in a contented relationship with themselves

It’s true that the most important relationship you can ever have is the relationship with yourself. And some women are really happy with their own selves. It’s perfectly fine to be self-sufficient, have less drama and less stress in life. Some people do feel that they can’t be complete unless they have a significant other, but some women are very positive about leading a life all by themselves.

Single women have fear of losing freedom

Girls who witness domination of women by the men in her own homes, or who see the men having the final word on every issue, often grow up to become fiercely protective of their own freedom. Freedom is something that they might achieve through their education, careers and thus financial independence. With girls having equal opportunities and abilities in every sphere of life, the percentage of single women choosing to value and defend their freedom is steadily on the rise.

Cup of ambition

Single women of today are driven by a clear sense of ambition, and rank career as four times more important than having children, in terms of life priorities. Living alone is considered the most important life milestone among this group, followed by career and financial security. Meanwhile, marriage and having children – just 50 years ago the standard expectation of womanhood – fall further down the list. Over 40%  feel being single has a positive impact on their career advancement and earning potential; although it could be something of a double-edged sword.

They are in search of ‘Mr. Right’

Women with good looks and great careers, are often aware of their ‘assets’ and keep delaying the decision of getting married for their want of the very ‘best’ proposal. Very often their expectations are higher than what they are getting, and so they keep looking for the mythical and elusive ‘Mr. Right’.

Traumatic heartbreak

After a long intimate relationship, when it culminates in a breakup due to betrayal or parental disapproval, women find it difficult to open their heart to another intimate relationship, thus opting to remain single.

Responsibility of aging parents

For many single daughters, their ageing single parent becomes a major hurdle in the way of getting married. The thought of leaving the lone old parent unsupported back home fills many girls with tremendous guilt, thus compelling them to stay unmarried.

All about travel

One clear theme that runs through the report is a love of travel. Globe-trotting hits the top spot in personal priorities among single women in the report, reaching above both marriage and owning a home. Single women are twice as likely to rank travel as a top priority over having children.

Cynicism and distrust

When a women observes significant women in her life having dysfunctional and abusive marriages she might start associating ‘marriage’ with pain, agony and betrayal. Bad marriages in her social circle, could make her cynical, and lose trust in the institution of marriage.

Sexual orientation

Those girls who have clearly identified their exclusive same-sex preference, refrain from getting into heterosexual matrimony.