Some lucky people have naturally long and lush eyelashes. Others are not so lucky and have less lushness or less length. Whatever it is, the story is that when it’s less… It shows!

If you belong to the latter group but are too lazy to put on mascara every day or at least spend a nice chunk of your time investing in false ones, now you have no excuse to complain. There will always be someone with something prettier than yours, the point is that, at the end of the day, you should take care of what is yours and pamper it with so much love. Also, your eyelashes are the most beautiful in the world, simply because they are yours!

1- Avoid habits that cause eyelash damage and lash shedding

The first step you need to take, and above all, be clear about, is preventing damage to your eyelashes. There are small habits that can cause them to become brittle and fall out or stop growing. These include the act of rubbing your eyes or using outdated make-up.

False eyelashes can be tempting to play with while you wait for yours to grow, but because they are so heavy, it may actually cause yours to break or even fall out, especially when removing from the glue.

Being too aggressive with an eyelash curler can also damage your lashes and cause breakage. In addition to not removing make-up. Because of that, some people can develop an inflammation around the eyelids called blepharitis which, if left untreated, can cause fall of eyelashes.

Make sure to avoid these habits and you will notice a remarkable change.


2- Moisturise your eyelashes with oil

Just like your skin and hair, your eyelashes will also benefit from moisturising. 

Strengthen them by giving extra moisture so that they grow healthier and do not break so easily. Some natural options are vitamin E oils and 100% pure oils such as coconut (for its fatty acids that provide nourishment to your follicles and the vitamin E it contains) and the very beneficial castor oil. The latter is also one of the most effective and healthy remedies for hair care. 

In addition, another oil that is also said to have very beneficial properties not only for the skin but also for this delicate part of the body, is extra virgin olive oil. It won’t make your lashes grow longer, but will prevent them from breaking more frequently or being short in the way they grow. Plus, it gives them a fuller, shinier look. 

Remember to always apply them with a special mascara brush, from the bottom up and at night before going to sleep.

3- Eat a healthy diet

Having a nourishing and wholesome diet is the safest way to be healthy and it will appear in your hair. Some suitable foods include salmon, sweet potato, nuts, eggs, fruits and green leafy vegetables such as spinach.

4- Comb your eyelashes

In order to get a better and healthier look, give them a gentle massage with a special brush for eyelashes for at least 5 minutes. This is a way to improve their blood flow. And likewise as brushing the hair on your head is a great habit to keep it healthy and stimulate its growth, the same applies to your eyelashes.