Some women love the cowgirl pose simply because it allows them to take control. Others hate it because it can be very tiring. And others are even ashamed to have their man watch them climb on top of them and see their bodies entirely.

However, the cowgirl position is the favourite position of some men, according to many articles published in various fashion magazines. Many of them, have surveyed a number of men asking about their favourite positions and have come to the conclusion that they tend to prefer to have their woman on top during sex.

But it’s not just about pleasing men. If you’ve thought about working out, it’s a great option because of the effort you have to put into your legs to hold that position. The benefits are double!

Want to make the position a bit more exciting but still comfortable at the same time? Here are a few tips.

1- Add pillows under your knees

The thing about the cowgirl position is that it gets uncomfortable and tiring after a certain amount of time. Not only do you have to move up and down, but you also have to keep your speed up to enjoy the process – there’s too much to think about at the same time!

To help, I recommend adding two pillows under your knees to give more height, so you don’t have to pull yourself all the way up. It also relieves your legs from getting stiff on each bounce. Sturdier pillows (perhaps dining room pillows) are a good choice, so that your knees don’t sink in. Doing that could also prevent carpet burns if you decide to do it on the floor. 

2- Alternate slow and then faster cowgirl rhythms.

Sex is not a race, so don’t rush to get your partner to orgasm as quickly as possible. Instead of counting down the minutes before the next position, why not alternate between rocking quickly and grinding him against your clitoris by moving your hips upwards in an ascending position? This gives your thighs a little break while keeping all the sensuality of the session going. Plus, your partner gets that view of enjoying yourself in another version.

3- Lean back and give him a show.

This pose can be made even better by leaning back and using your hands to straddle yourself. As you go up and down, squeeze against his penis slowly as you moan. He will love to watch you slowly rise and fall. If you are able to hold that position without needing your hands, use them to touch yourself all over or drive your hands to guide him to a part of your body.


4- Blindfold him

For those who are too shy to let their man watch while they are on top, a blindfold can be used to cover his eyes. He’ll love the suspense and you can make any look of pleasure you like. Or, if you don’t like the idea of a blindfold, lean forward and kiss him while you move on his top. This also takes the pressure off your legs and lets your hips do all the work.

5- Cowgirl on the sofa

Instead of him lying on his back, have him sit on the couch while you straddle him. This can be great for girls who don’t enjoy deep penetration. What I love about this alternative is that it gives the opportunity to literally be on top and stand out a bit from your guy, that will also have the opportunity to grab you by the ass (something they love!). Have him lean his head back against the sofa and kiss him. It will drive him totally crazy…

6- Let him penetrate you from below

For this you’ll have to straddle your partner in the cowgirl position and let him do all the work. Or, if you have the rhythm at your fingertips, you can ride him and let him enter you at the same time. It may sound a bit intense, but if you have the right moves, it could work and be very, very pleasurable!

7- Pleasure yourself

As in point 3, this part requires you to put on a little show for your partner. As you move up and down in the cowgirl position, rub your clitoris with your hand and pleasure yourself. Who knows, you might orgasm more easily! Your guy will love watching you touch yourself.

8- The reverse cowgirl

Trust me, the reverse cowgirl will make his head explode. Instead of facing your guy in penetration, turn around and face the other way and put on a little show. 

Hold onto his ankles as you go up and down, it will help you keep the movement going. If your legs get tired, stop and grind against him like a normal cowgirl. Either way, he’ll love the sight of your butt bouncing in front of him. Just be careful not to lean too far forward as you might hurt him without realising it.