As all fashionistas, it’s likely that you, like us, are dying to get your hands on those fashion items that have just arrived.. But the truth is that our credit card doesn’t always allow for some style or crazy things, does it? There is also the case of people who have prioritised investment in conscious consumption, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses and filling the wardrobe with products that are unlikely to be used in the long or medium term.

And with the current scenario, this idea has gained more evidence, as people are increasingly concerned with health and wellbeing. This fact leads to the question: “how to keep the style without having to spend so much on it?”. The good thing is that fashion always allows us to innovate, raising our self-esteem and activating creativity.

That’s what we’re going to show you in today’s article. Below, there are some amazing tips to keep your wardrobe performing and kicking ass like never before. Are you ready?

Sort your wardrobe

Instead of shopping online, how about doing a wardrobe clean out? You are probably going to be surprised at what you can find without having to even leave the house. The first step is to organise your clothes, always taking a good look at what’s inside.

Take the opportunity to separate outfits by colour or type, either on hangers or in organiser boxes. This step can be checked directly here.

Finally, and after exploring the space well, it’s time to have joy and analyse the power of each element. If you find it necessary, you can start styling your old clothes and giving them a new meaning. It can be a lot of fun!

Try accessories. That’s style

Any garment, even if it’s not so new anymore, can be combined with many options. And no… you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a modern and fresh look. It can be a maxi earring, an elongated necklace, a tiara or a scarf. During this time at home, keep an eye on your jewellery drawer until you find options to spice up the look.

Create a layered look

Productions with – lots of – layers, have always been excellent alternatives for those who wish to escape the obvious. And now, they can be even more empowering! Your only mission is to find versatile pieces and stick to the movement of playing with them.

Try layering a half-tube over a trouser rod. Or a jumper over a social shirt. There’s also the possibility of giving attention to lingerie, wearing it over t-shirts, dresses and so on. There are endless possibilities for those who want to feel stylish with pieces with style that are already part of the wardrobe.


Opt for monochrome visuals

Yes, baby: monochromatic visuals, i.e. those of the same colour. They can help any production to its full potential. To do this, scan your wardrobe for pieces made up of the same scale of tones, and then come up with a combination that’s sophisticated.

Are you up for it? No problem. You just have to be careful to choose garments in the same shade to match the rest of the look. Nowadays, the most popular versions among stylists are matte tones, earth tones, all black or all white. Choose the one you like the most!

To get a fresh and new look with the same old clothes, you just have to know how to give it a try. Dare to experiment, to try and combine garments that you have never done before. There are even people who dare to make an elegant cut to the garment to make it new. Others, with a scrunchie and a well-placed hoop can make the same old garments look like new arrivals.

All you have to do is discover little tricks to give your clothes a new life and a completely different design, and revamp your style without spending any money! Take advantage and enjoy, giving opportunities to each garment in your wardrobe and succeed every time you go out.