Whether you strategically thread, tweeze, microblade, microshade, tint, laminate, wax, or leave well alone, there are myriad ways our brows can express our personal style and individual aesthetic. Eyebrows have been, and still are, one of the most popular features to highlight. This years summer brow trend make them even more fun – they’re bold and bright and just, wow! Fuller brows are in, steeper arches are in, the natural look is the order of the day.

Here a few provocative summer brow trend you might give some thought to.

summer brow trend

Brow Lamination

We all know Brow lamination has quickly swept the industry as the next big thing in beauty. The art of creating beautifully fluffy & natural-looking brows is the secret weapon we all need to give that boost to our confidence. So why not try Brow Lamination? It’s the perfect alternative to the lengthy process of undergoing micro-blading while still restructuring brows and framing the eyes with a just-combed effect. You can even have your brows tinted to give them added definition and stand out from the crowd during this process.

We would recommend getting yourself a good brow gel to keep this look maintained in-between appointments. You want to look for one with nourishing ingredients such as castor oil or aloe vera, so you will be caring for your lashes while also shaping them to your desired style.

Look for one that isn’t too harsh and can be removed easily with water, as strong products can leave your brows feeling crispy or leave residue behind even after you’ve taken off your makeup. It’s a simple step to add to your daily routine but a big one if you love to tame your brows into a particular shape.

Bleached brows

One word: divisive. They say fortune favours the bold, and if that proverb is anything to go by, those sporting a bleached brow must be frankly the luckiest among us. This summer brow trend feels more at home on an avant-garde photoshoot rather than down the supermarket, but don’t let that stop you.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, you’ll be in good company – Nicola Peltz, Kim Kardashian and Lizzo have all been pictured rocking the statement look. A word of warning: step away from home dye kit, and into the beauty salon. This is a treatment best deployed by the professionals, they’ll be able to advise you on what colour will suit you most based on your hair tone.

Feathered brow

The feathered brow is all about lightweight hair arrangement that yep, you guessed it, mimics the gentle strokes of a bird’s feather. The desired brow shape shouldn’t deviate too much from that of your natural brow: starting from the inner corner, use a spoolie to brush your brow hairs upwards, flicking out the hairs diagonally once you reach the arch. Set them in place with a tinted brow gel to add pigment to sparse areas, keeping it airy and effortless.

Fluffy brows

Another summer brow trend catering to the lazy girls among us, the fluffy brow look is best encapsulated by cool girl Billie Eilish. It’s the ultimate can’t-be-bothered brow shape, best achieved by brushing the brow hairs, upwards focusing on creating a bushy inner corner. In order to feign sprouting growth, fill in any gaps with a product that doesn’t require much pressure, like a powdery pencil. Failing that, warm a stiff pencil on your hand beforehand to avoid any harsh strokes. The idea with fluffy brows is to drum up a bit of depth and celebrate natural texture.

Thin Eyebrow

Yes, thin brows are making a huge comeback in 2022. But don’t be alarmed — these aren’t the old over-plucked ones that made you afraid of tweezers. Today’s thin brow still has density and texture. Even though the shape has slimmed in width, filling them in is key as brows remain an important anchor while blocking out the proportions of the face. To avoid any over-tweezing regret, you can either go to a salon have a professional do it or use makeup to your advantage.

Colored Brow

If you are a fan of color, you are going to love this summer brow trend. Go a little crazy with your eyebrows with the colored brow look. Making its first appearance at Paris Fall Fashion Week, this summer brow trend is only for those willing to be creative and experiment a little. If you think bleached brows go a little too far, the colored brow might be the best route for you.

Grab your favorite colored mascara and transform your eyebrows into a work of art. If colored mascara isn’t part of your beauty kit, try colored pigments or even very saturated colored eyeliner to achieve this look.