Whether you are going to a party, to the beach or just want to get something new for your everyday wardrobe, we have the summer fashion trend you are missing.

As the temperature increases, so does the need to swap out any lingering cool-weather staples for shorts, tank tops, and breezy dresses. But you know as well as we do that summer wardrobes aren’t solely comprised of timeless essentials. So, what else should we wear to beat the heat this season? What are the summer 2022’s best fashion trend, and which ones speak to our own personal style?

Here are some of the best summer fashion trend you need to follow this season.

summer fashion trend


We know, we know, cut-outs are not new news. They came as a shock a few seasons ago, but they’re proving to be far more of a long-term look than any of us initially gave them credit for.

Net & Knit

Knitwear is rarely a best summer fashion trend for obvious reasons, but after past season obsession with all things crochet, this season we’re seeing fairweather knits get a grown-up glow-up in the form of netting. Across tops, vests, trousers, skirts and even bags, whether you’re strolling along the beach or heading for date night in the city, you’ll find any excuse to put on your netted knitwear – trust us on this one.

Sheer Fabrics

Perhaps a trend best-suited to those looking to have fun with fashion again after spending the best part of two years wearing tracksuits, super sheer fabrics will have had a real moment in the sun this spring. Of course, if you haven’t got a date with the red carpet incoming, sheer fabrics can be cleverly layered over or under bra tops, blouses, cycling shorts or skorts to protect your modesty, rendering this trend one of the most flexible for SS22.

Summer fashion trend: Liquid metal

This season sees a new way to do metallic spangle is, thankfully, sequin-free as the shiny paillettes often cause huge damage to the environment being plastic and all. Instead, may we encourage you to get your shine fix via liquid metal sheens; a far subtler, more grown-up and contemporary take on shimmer.

Predominantly – but not exclusively – found in golds and silvers, these sheeny dreams create a molten metal feel as luxurious, shimmering fabric appears to be falling around your body. Obviously ideal for after-dark outfits, mix your metallics with neutral tones to make the most of them for day-wear, too.

Highlighter yellow

Lovers of the beige aesthetic, look away now. Not one for the wardrobe wallflowers among us, neon yellow looks set to be one of the best summer fashion trend. The even more intense news? It’s particularly epic when worn head-to-toe. Although if you’re really fearful of the look-at-me tone, it does looks awesome as an accessory accent when mixed with camel, taupe or oatmilk tones. 

Pleated skirt

One of the best summer fashion trend to come out of this round of runways was the pleated skirt, and while there was a light scattering of mini incarnations, reminiscent of the influencer’s current summer favourite, the tennis skirt, for SS22 it’s all about the pleated midi. Other than that, there really are no rules. Printed, plain, colourful, monochrome, paired with knits or paired with a bralette – as long as it’s pleated you’re bang on the money.

Underwear Outerwear

Another one for the fearless dressers, summer 2022 sees underwear become a perfectly acceptable form of outerwear. Super chic when done in the right way, layer a bralette beneath an open blazer or a top or dress with a convenient cut-out for a subtle hint of sexy.

White Suiting

Suiting may have been off the sartorial radar for quite some months as many people of the world took to working from home in loungewear, but this season sees the old staple return with a vengeance.

Stark white and complete with show-stopping accents – from waist ties to contrast black hardware and bold shoulders, these are pieces that should make the prospect of returning to your commute a whole lot more bearable. A trouser suit also provides a chic option for an alternative wedding outfits if you’re looking for something other than a traditional dress.

Mini Skirts

Pleated skirts may be midi for this season, but all others are raising the hemlines to minuscule lengths. These are minis that the supermodels of the ’90s would’ve been proud to wear, with well over half of the thigh exposed beneath the brief slip of fabric. A lot of brand created the viral hit of the season but opt for super-statement shades, prints or fabrics to ensure that while your skirt may be small it still packs a mighty punch.