Have sex with a new guy you’ve just started dating can be a touchy subject. Usually women are faced with the fear of potentially losing our power once we get naked. Will he call me back? Will the messages with him stay the same or will he start sending me excuses with a 5 hour late reply and a “oops sorry, I just read it now”?.

Sometimes, we find ourselves clinging to the guy we’re dating after sleeping together, unable to decipher whether we like him or are confused by the false sense of intimacy and closeness that sex creates.

Typical questions that women ask themselves at this point are: when should I sleep with him, is it too soon to have sex, how do I know he’s serious about me? These are popular questions asked by women who clearly want more than just the physical, they need a connection beyond that which sex provides. They want to be sure before their emotions get really involved in all of this.

5 signs that he ONLY wants to have sex with you

There will always be clear indications that a man only wants to engage with a woman for sexual pleasure, AND NOTHING ELSE. You can tell by the way he talks and more specifically, by the way he acts.

  • Does he often leave out innuendo and go straight to the point?
  • Is he constantly asking for nude photos or videos of you?
  • Does he ask who you live with at first?
  • Does he send you naked pictures of himself?
  • And the icing on the cake… does he show up every three months to ask if you’re still with your boyfriend?

These are all clear indicators that he is trying to sleep with you, he may eventually like you, but at this point, what he wants from you is a shag.

Also, there are those who are not so clear about what they are looking for. They will take you on dates, pamper you like a lady and develop a great friendship base, but the only goal they have deep down is to try to have sex with you.

Having a new sexual experience with a guy you like will always be a risk in itself. You’ll never know what it’s like or what it really feels like until you’ve tried it.

There have been so many cases where women have been upset because the guy they were getting to know and really liked stopped showing interest once they had slept together… They make the mistake of assuming that sex means that it is a step beyond achieving a monogamous life and that they can live happily ever after with this man, or at least that it would bring them closer.

able to have sex

But that is not true my dear!!!! Not even if you are a virgin.

Yes, sex can be seen as a way for two people to test their feelings for each other, but society has shown us that the way men see sex is not the same as the way women have been socially and educationally conditioned to see it. In many cases, there is only one person out of the two who sees it as a pioneering step and it is not the man in most cases.

Having sex with someone will never guarantee you to be a permanent fixture in their romantic life, well, unless you seek such a situation. That’s why it’s important to remember that you should only have sex for you, not because you think it will keep him on a string. Just do it because you feel like it and are giving yourself a good shag too.

Not every guy you date has to be your boyfriend, some can just be a pleasurable sexual experience. Or not. Sometimes your dreams are so high that even in bed you get disappointed. You also don’t need to sleep with every person you date on a non-exclusive basis.

I think it’s honestly good to say that what bothers us as women is when a man isn’t honest about what he wants. They think we’re going to run away for fear of being looked at like a whore, and in some cases… It’s true. But not always.

Many men have openly admitted that sometimes they’ve been honest about their intentions of only wanting the physical part. It’s important to note that if you’re a person who can only have sex with someone you’d like to be in a committed relationship with, it is better to explain that to the person you’re dating. 

It still doesn’t guarantee anything, but if you’re dating a decent human being, it gives them a chance to be transparent with you. But don’t be fooled, because some men will ask to date you exclusively just so they can sleep with you. Every man for himself!

Sex can change the course of a relationship, but that’s why it’s vital not to rush the sexual side until you’re 100% comfortable with how it might turn out. If you feel there’s a connection, sometimes you might have to stop having sex to be sure. Yes, I said don’t have sex.

This doesn’t mean that sleeping with a guy during the third month keeps him interested, but it allows you to find out what his game really is.

As sexually liberated as women are today, it doesn’t change the common knowledge that they are more likely to be after a relationship than just sex, while men are the opposite.

This is not to say that relationship-oriented men don’t exist, they do, but it’s not as common to hear men say that they can only get into bed with a woman they are committed to. Just keep looking and you’ll find your piece of the puzzle.