There are many reasons a person wants to improve their sex life. First of all, a better sex life is just fantastic. Who doesn’t like sex that just keeps getting better and better? But that’s not the only way a better sex life benefits you. It also benefits your relationship. You mend a troubled relationship just by making the sex better. Better sex leads to better communication, a deeper connection.

According to recent research, women who wear socks during sex not only enjoy the benefits of a higher libido, but also are able to climax more than those who do the dirty deed barefoot. It may sound unbelievable, but a study at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands shows that the key to unbelievable sex isn’t in some libido-boosting magic bean or gorging on aphrodisiac food like oysters and chocolate, but rather in donning a pair of footies. Researchers found that when the women involved in the study wore the wardrobe basic during intimacy, 80 percent were able to achieve ultimate arousal and orgasm.

Here are the reasons why is better to keep socks on while having sex:


You’ll feel more relaxed

What’s the one thing all people—specifically women—need in order to have an orgasm? That’s right. We all need to be relaxed in order to climax. Otherwise our bodies just won’t let it happen. That’s where socks come in. Studies show women need certain areas of their brain to be relaxed in order to finish. When you wear them to bed, you’re keeping that level of comfort allowing for you to be relaxed completely. This means there’s a better chance of you orgasming than if you don’t wear them.

Cold feet can be very distracting

Distractions can be the worst thing for someone who’s trying to get off by getting on their significant other. And it’s been proven having literal cold feet can be just as distracting as leaving the TV on or your phone going off in the middle of your bang session. By wearing socks you’re not allowing your feet to drop down to a temperature causing you to be distracted by it.

They are cozy and could reduce anxiety

Anxiety comes from many different things. When it comes to sex, it definitely arises from the thought of being uncomfortable and completely naked. Sex with socks on can do wonders in reducing your anxiety. It’s like a blanket of familiarity giving you some peace of mind when getting naked with a lover. Less anxiety leads to more orgasms, and therefore, a better sex life.

You’re upping the comfort level

Just as we have mentioned above, keeping your socks on is really comforting. I think we can all agree that slipping into a pair of cozy socks after a long day relaxes and comforts us. For this reason, it makes it easier for women to have an orgasm. Women need to feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe in order to achieve orgasm.

Some people find them quite sexy!

I don’t know about you, but my man LOVES when I walk into the room wearing nothing but a pair of knee-high socks. He thinks it’s one of the sexiest things on the planet. That being said, wearing only footings during sex not only pleases you mentally, but it can also drive your partner wild. And if they think you look especially enticing, they’re more likely to be hyped up and ready for some great sex.

It adds a layer of mystery

So maybe your man has a foot fetish. Maybe they just get driven wild by the fact you’re not completely naked but just SO close. Wearing only socks may not cover anything significant, but it can add a layer of mystery spicing up even the dullest of sex lives.

Your libido will skyrocket

Just as we mentioned above, leaving your footings on during sex leads to more orgasms. And we all know that the more orgasms we receive, the more we want them! This causes your libido to increase drastically. If you know you’re going to have that orgasms, you’ll try for it a lot more often than when you weren’t having as many.

A better sex life leads to improved health

A bonus benefit to wearing socks during sex is how it increases your sex life so much you’ll actually be healthier because of it. Sex not only plays a role in making sure your immune system is healthy, but it also makes your heart healthier by working it harder as well.

Be sure to wear your comfiest footies, but make sure they don’t have holes in! By doing that, you’re grabbing all of the above benefits and you don’t have cold feet either!