It is also important for personal, social, health, psychological well-being. A good standard of hygiene habits thwarts the chances of development and spread of infections, illnesses and bad odors.

When you know that you will be having sex, the preparation ritual is also sexy. You get your clothes ready, choose a special perfume, perhaps you will remove body hair from where you don’t want there to be any and you head on to your adventure, knowing that a great moment awaits. 

However, bathing before going out to meet your partner is not enough to say that we have good hygiene and that we’re ready for sex.

There are other details that need to be taken care of and that many times, because of rushing of circumstances, are overlooked. 

hygiene habits

Here are a few tips every man and woman should follow before sex:

Bathe, perhaps together

Few people enjoy the intimate act of sex when they are feeling less than fresh. A great way to ensure that you are both feeling clean before you head to the bedroom is to shower, perhaps together! Helping each other wash with warm water and mild soap will make you both feel better, and it works great as a foreplay activity as well. Last, but not least, it is advised to clean your genitals with a little water before sexual activity. Unlike our hands, it is not so advised to use soap, since it’s abrasive, it may irritate both male and female’s delicate genital skin. 

Oral hygiene

Some of these details may sound obvious, such as oral hygiene habits. Bad breath of course, can ruin an intimate moment. So men and women keep one thing clear, dental hygiene is important and when it is about kissing, it cannot be avoided.

Carry condoms

Even if you are using another form of birth control, such as the pill or an IUD, all that does is prevent pregnancy only. Condoms are important because in addition to preventing pregnancy, they protect you against most sexually transmitted diseases as well. It’s absolutely essential to use a condom if you are with a new partner and don’t know where he is been.

Trim or shave the hair

Groomers – particularly extreme ones – tend to be more sexually active, research suggests. Both men and women are more likely to groom if they expected to receive oral sex soon. However this hygiene habit run a greater risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Clean the sex toys

Planning to use a sex toy? Best give it a clean first to help prevent infection. Ones will use lubrication or any toys during sex should clean them to prevent the spread of any germs. As the first line of defense, the toys and lube bottles should be cleaned properly with soap and warm water.

Here are a few tips every man and woman should follow after sex:

Post-sex, couples mostly want to lounge in bed, relax or just fall fast asleep. But just after sex is actually the most crucial time for bacterial growth. Developing healthy hygiene habits after sex is essential for keeping germs and infections away. Listed below are some after-sex hygiene habits you should never skip.

Wash the hands

Before hitting the bed post-sex, it is important to wash and clean the hands properly. This hygiene habit is vital for maintaining good sexual health. Bacteria stick to the hands before sex and even during sex. So, to avoid transferring these bacteria the hands should be scrubbed well after making love.

Clean down there

Another important after-sex hygiene habit that everyone must follow is cleaning the genitals after sex. Along with the hands, even the genitals should be washed thoroughly. Proper cleansing, especially below the foreskin, is very essential for men. Women are advised to dab the outer vaginal region with water and soap using a wash cloth.

Pee after sex

One of the most effective hygiene habit of preventing infections is urinating after sex. However, one should not force or strain themselves to urinate. They should wait a bit until they feel like urinating, but must clear their bladder before going to sleep post sex.

Swish the mouth

Not forget to clean your mouth especially after engaging in oral sex. It was found in some recent studies that using mouthwash after oral sex effectively inhibits the spread of bacterial infections.  

Change the underwear

Changing into clean underwear is another after-sex hygiene habits that you should never ever skip. Not only does putting on a pair of clean underwear after sex make one feel nice, but it also helps to prevent bacterial infections.

Change the sheets

Sheets should be changed post every sexual encounter, especially if any bodily fluids get secreted on to them. The sheets should be washed every time if possible, as this would help to get rid of any bacteria if sex, especially anal or period sex, was messy.