With hair wax, the hold and shine are less extreme than you would get with a gel. While both types of hair products achieve the same function of styling your hair, the finished style can look drastically different based on which one you utilized. The differences come down to the chemical makeup of the products. Hair wax tend to be made from substances like Lanolin wax, Beeswax, and the like.

On the other hand, styling gels tend to include ingredients such as water and different polymers to help achieve the iconic holdability. Apart from the texture, the main difference between gel and hair wax is that the wax does not dry. That is why it is suitable for styling more flexible hairstyles, for which it is important that the hair is nicely arranged, and still remains fluttery.

If you just want to soothe your hair and get your curls and hair in order, use the wax. Unlike classic hair gels, which are not recommended for frequent use, you can use the wax every day. If necessary, use it several times a day, to fix the existing or create a new hairstyle.

Hair gel gives a stronger firming effect and you can use it to make the craziest hairstyles. Thanks to that ability and the famous “hedgehog” hairstyle, this product has gained great popularity. Unlike a gel, the hair wax has a light formula, does not create a feeling of heaviness and can be used daily to create different hairstyles.

It enables a great flexibility in work and gives good results, which is a sufficient reason to be seen more and more frequently on the shelves of professional hairdressers. Although it is most often used by men, the hair wax is intended for everyone who wants to have a neat and beautifully shaped hairstyle.

Hair wax provides the opportunity to create an unlimited number of modern and classic hairstyles.

This is one of the reasons why men and women who try this product once completely forget about others, especially the gel. This is a sure sign that this product should also be found in your hair styling collection.

hair wax

Read on to see how exactly hair wax benefits your daily routine:

It helps you embrace your natural texture

Formulation-wise, hair wax is pretty much self-explanatory: Usually made up of a tacky, viscous or sticky substance, it is meant to enhance your hair’s current state of affairs. It is primarily used in texturizing or spiking up short hairstyles, and for giving direction and a bit of hold to layers and bangs. So, using the hair wax you will get more control over your styling process without too much angst over how you get there, as its application is fairly easy to master—making it great for low-key regimen enthusiasts.

It is easy to wash

The texture of hair wax is a bit hard to overdo—no spillage, and you pretty much see the exact amount you swipe out. That said, another one of our favorite hair wax benefits is that it is easier to remove than gel. There is less of a slimy or greasy after-feel when you wash it out, which can also translate to needing less shampoo to do so.

It plays well with others

Just like how the best makeup, fragrance and skincare products should layer well, hair products shouldn’t lose their integrity or overpower when used in a mix. It can be used in a cocktail with a variety of other hair products, like volumizers, leave-in conditioners, shine sprays, etc. without compromising payoff.

It is awesome on the go

Tool-dependent products, such as mousse, blow-drying lotion and flat iron serums, are not necessarily top-of-mind when you are stocking your go-bag for the gym, or even during a weekend getaway. But since hair wax benefits include not requiring the use of running water or any help of electrical tools, it makes for a pretty handy styling aid. It can easily repurpose as gel or a holding agent, and can provide a bit of texture too. Hair wax typically comes in a small container that can be stowed away in a beauty case.

Salvation for greasy hair

Matte hair wax is the best option for those who have oily hair. It is also a good choice for those who do not want their hair to shine a lot.  

Tame curly hair

If you have thick and coarse hair, you probably have a “problem” every morning – how to tame unruly hair. Hair wax can become your best morning friend. It can be used on dry or wet hair. It is dissolved in water, which is why it is especially suitable for creating hairstyles on wet hair, immediately after showering.

Color options

Just recently, hair waxes began hitting the market that will add color to your hair. The color is vibrant even on dark hair, but it can be easily washed out of the hair.