Believe it or not, the word cuckold is actually derived from the cuckoo bird and its behavior during nesting season. This bird is known to abandon its eggs in the safety of another bird’s nest. This leaves other parents to care for these eggs until they hatch. In the past the term cuckold was used for a man who was unaware that his wife was cheating on him with another guy.

Nowadays, a cuckold is someone who takes pleasure in watching their partner have sex with someone else. Cuckolding can be enjoyed by couples of any sexual orientation, genders, and roles, and there’s a wide spectrum of ways that the couple views the affairs with the third party. In some instances, it’s more like an open relationship where only one partner has other lovers.

For most couples who incorporate elements of cuckolding, it looks a bit more like swinging or polyamory, where the primary focus is all on the wife’s sexual engagements, while many cuckolding fantasies involve fairly extreme elements of infidelity, sexual behaviors, humiliation, and submission, these appear to mostly be fantasy in most couples. In many cuckolding cases, the cuckold desires to actually watch the sex take place between their partner and the outsider (often referred to as the “bull”), but sometimes the cuckold may just want to hear the details afterward—or even help their partner pick out their outfit beforehand.


Who Might Be Interested in a Cuckold Relationship?

It’s possible that those who enjoy consensual non-monogamy might consider a cuckold relationship. Consensual non-monogamy describes any relationship in which participants clearly and explicitly agree to have multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships at the same time. A cuckold relationship may sometimes involve one partner being present while sex happens. Other times, they might simply help their partner get ready for a date with another person, or listen as the event is relayed.

Why You Might Enjoy a Cuckold Relationship

A person might enjoy knowing that their partner gets intimate with others for many reasons. This third party is widely tagged as ‘the bull’, and maybe introduced while pursuing the following:

You Find Pleasure in Someone Else Receiving Pleasure

If you nurse thoughts of your partner reaching joyous sexual fulfillment with another person, you may be chasing what is known as “compersion” or the opposite of jealousy. Compersion refers to feelings of pleasure knowing that your girlfriend, husband, life partner, or fling, etc. is thoroughly enjoying themselves, even with someone else.

You Want to Engage in Something That Feels “Taboo”

Because we live in a society that normalizes monogamous relationships, romantic partners that include added parties to their mix are often judged for deviating from the so-called norm. The thought of doing something society judges as ‘taboo’, can add a sense of excitement to a person’s usual sexual routine. It’s important to note that while cuckolding may be viewed with disapproval, this behavior may be a sexual fantasy or preference simply on display.

You Just Want to Try Something New

Sex with an exclusive partner can be exciting and satisfying for most people. However, for a change from normal sexual scenarios, another person involved during intimate moments can add an extra spark to your sexual relationship.

How to Try Cuckolding

There are many reasons to consider cuckolding in a relationship. For anyone looking to explore this dynamic with a partner, it can be an uncertain subject to bring up. However, there are ways to ethically

Begin With Honesty

When bringing the subject of cuckolding up with a partner, it’s important to do so with honesty. The conversation has to be broached gently, with a focus on helping to clarify the reason why you want to try this. Different reactions may follow when a person becomes aware that their partner has these desires.

While you can certainly hope for the best, your partner might not be as enthusiastic as you. They might even feel insulted. So, a rejection of your proposal is also a real possibility. But, it’s also that your partner may be very interested or may show some curiosity too. Just remember to be honest and be prepared to answer any questions or respond to any worries or fears that your partner might have.

Dip Into Things Slowly

If a partner agrees to explore this aspect of your sexual relationship, it might not be the best idea to immediately find a third party to join you. Maybe you start by talking about cuckolding during foreplay or while being intimate with each other.

For instance, the cuckold may describe how much it would turn them on to see their partner being pleasured by another person. Maybe you progress by seeing how your partner feels if you flirt with another person in front of them. You might also try seeing how you feel about virtual or phone sex with a third party. Doing these smaller steps can help you both ease into things before your first cuckolding session.