Intimacy with your sexual partner can be a pleasant and wonderful feeling, but it can also be difficult. No matter how good the experience was, there are times when you may regret it, especially the next morning. Not the sex itself but remorse the fact that you didn’t use a condom, it slipped, or that it broke and you didn’t do anything about at the time.

During sex, that feeling of euphoria can take over as you emerge in the moment, because sometimes contraception is not exactly what we have in mind there.

It’s the morning after, now what?

Well, admittedly, I’ve found myself in this position before and I’m sure a lot of people reading this have too. The guys have probably slapped themselves in the face and panicked about the situation, while the women have dreaded the thought of what they know they have to do next… The following morning, run for the morning after pill.

After being sexually active for a while, I have learned and understood how important communication is, both when having sex and after the act. I always made it clear when I was or wasn’t using a contraceptive method such as the pill, and would be proactive in raising the issue to make sure that a contraceptive method was in place when I had sex. 

If a contraceptive mishap occurred, I would usually agree to split the cost of emergency contraception or I would go with my partner to get it.

When you sleep with someone who may be your long-term partner or a casual relationship, you will never regret talking about anti-conception. It’s responsible and shows how sexually confident you are and what makes you think about it.

The best way for a guy to be supportive in this situation is to bring it up first or offer to contribute. This is no different than how he would probably pay for condoms or maybe a meal on the first date. 

It’s polite, shows he cares about you and has good manners in the morning. He may offer to go to the drugstore or even give a ride. It may be awkward but imagine how the person would feel having to go alone.

morning after

Speaking of embarrassment, why do so many of us turn red when we have to pick up emergency anti-conception after a sexual mishap? Pharmacists see thousands of men and women all the time, for the same or similar problems and it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. Taking care of your sexual well-being should not be coupled with shame, as you are taking care of your body and your health and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

There are different forms of emergency anti-contraceptive available. These include the IUD and the morning-after pill. The intrauterine device is considered the most effective form of emergency contraception overall. It also provides an ongoing contraceptive solution. However, IUD placement takes time and involves a procedure (a trained nurse or doctor has to implante the IUD in your uterus).

The other option is the morning-after pill. It is an oral method and involves taking one capsule after unprotected sex. You can buy it at a pharmacy and you do not need a prescription. But if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need emergency contraception, it is best to discuss your options with a pharmacist or doctor as soon as possible after the incident.

Many of us have had experiences with emergency contraception in the past, and I’m sure you’d be surprised how many others have also found themselves in a similar situation the morning after.

If you have had a problem with your usual method of contraception and have needed to use an emergency one the morning after, it may be a good time to see if there is another approach that might work better for you. Why not talk to your doctor about your options? There are several methods to choose from as you know that every woman is different. In this case, a world of hormones.