Using a condom is easier than it sounds, but it can be difficult the first few times, especially if you are nervous about how to put it on or have never opened one before.

It’s important to know how to use condoms like a pro, to make sure they work to prevent both unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Plus, you want to make it as safe as possible for everyone. 

Regardless of the sex or gender of your partner, whether one of you has a penis or uses a toy, knowing how to use condoms correctly can make it safer and make a big difference to your relationship.

Do yourself a favour: if you’re the one who has to put a condom on a body part or toy, try it at home first, alone, without the pressure of being watched. 

That way, you can forget the worry of losing your erection or the uncomfortable feeling of being graded on your condom skills. 

You or your partner can also practice together with a banana (silly, I know: but hey, believe me, it works!) with the same condom until you get it right.

Either of you, or both together, may need to put a condom on when the time is right, so it’s good that you both know how to do it.

Condoms use is like tying your shoes: it may be a nuisance, but if you don’t, you will trip and fall on the floor. The consequences in this case can be somewhat worse. Some STDs are incurable, and once you have it, they can create health problems that should be dealt with for the rest of your existence. A couple of them can even shorten your life, and this goes for your partners (and their partners consecutively) as well.

If you’re in a relationship with a partner of the opposite sex and condoms are the only reliable method of contraception, there is no need to tell why it is important, even when you’re not the one who might end up pregnant. 

One of the advantages of condoms is that they are one of the few methods where both partners can share responsibility for contraception. They are also an excellent back-up when used in combination with other methods. So, here’s how to get it right:


How to use condoms well?

Buy a good quality condom that is new, and use it before the expiry date. Every packet has an expiry date on it, so just take a look before you open the box. Make sure you’re also using one that hasn’t been stored anywhere where it can wear out or is too hot or cold (it’s not a good idea to keep them in the car, wallet or pocket for that very reason).

When you first buy condoms, see if you can get a few different brands and styles, as it may take time to find the type that suits you best and makes you feel better and more comfortable. The best option would be to buy a few small boxes of different types.

Open the condom wrapper carefully with your fingers and spread it out a little so that the rim is rolled up on the outside – this must be on the outside, facing upwards, or the condom will not roll up properly. Put a few drops of water-based lubricant on the tip of the condom – it not only helps it stick, but makes it feel much better during use. Wear one only when you have a partial or full erection.

Squeeze the tip of the condom with your fingertips to leave a little extra space and roll the rest along the penis, pinching the top of the condom. The edge of the condom should be as close to the base of the penis as possible. Once you are at the base, run your fingers from the tip downwards to press down on the air bubbles: this helps to prevent them from bursting.

After ejaculation (or not, but if you are done having genital sex), before pulling it off, hold the base of the condom (the rolled-up part) with your hand. If you pull the condom out without holding the base, it could slip off. Keep your hand there as you pull it off. Make sure the penis is completely out of the vagina, anus or mouth. Pull out with the same hand on the rim of the condom and the other hand on the tip. Pulling directly on the tip is not only a big mistake, but that could generate a leak on yourself. Tie a knot near the base.

Throw the condom in the trash. Never reuse them, they are for single use only. And please, don’t throw them out of the car, in the street or down the toilet as they are also not a recyclable item.

Never put on two condoms at the same time to try to be “safer”. Chances are that both will break due to the extra friction, and it’s erroneous that they will protect more. Also, the sensation will not be the same. A condom, used correctly, is as safe as it gets.