Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and with it comes the pressure of making it THE most romantic day of the year. The good news is, if you and your partner have an amazing sex life and neither of you feels inclined to change anything about it, you’re already winning. But if you want to make Valentine’s Day sex extra special this year, we’ve collected some ideas for you (of course don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is ultimately just like any other day, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on it or go super above and beyond to make your partner feel loved.)

Forget the cheesy pink cards, it’s time for a Sexy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a round-up full of sassy, cute, and Valentine’s Day sex ideas your partner is SURE to love! And of course a lot of these ideas can be used all year long or whenever you’re feeling a little frisky! Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time to spread the love! Wink!

The best Valentine’s Day sex and date ideas

Valentine's Day

Sensual Massage Date

Set the mood with a sensual massage and treat your partner to a wonderful night in. Start slow and give you partner the time to relax. Start with strokes on chest, shoulders and the back, and later proceed to the erogenous zones. Take at least five to seven minutes to massage your significant other’s body, and then see how the night turns out to be. A massage means so much more coming from your sweetheart!

Try out new positions

A wonderful way to prolong sex is to switch up your positions. In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, you and your partner can browse sex position ideas, and then each make a list of the ones that turn you on. On Valentine’s Day night, review your lists together and pick five that you both want to try that night. Spending the week perusing images of hot positions, and then cuddling close as you and your partner select the ones you want to do together, will make sure the sexual tension is so high that you’ll basically rip each other’s clothes off.

Use massage candles

Pick up some massage candles that are made of soy wax. With their melt temperature lower than conventional wax candles, they’ll keep a strong glow going in even the darkest of bedrooms. Plus, the longer lasting flame gives you chance to use that candle wax for a much sexier purpose.

Shop for a sex toy together

There’s something very sexy about shopping for a new toy with your partner. Whether you’re just learning about what vibes you like or have a toy box full of them, looking at the array of toys out there can create an encouraging space for you both to communicate about your needs and desires. Even if you just window shop, talking about sex toys will likely have you both super turned on.

Dress up in lingerie or live it in his car

Greet your partner wearing nothing but your sexiest lingerie, your most tantalizing perfume, and a pretty ribbon tied around your waist. Their sole focus will be unraveling that ribbon as quickly as possible, while you’re feeling sexy and they can’t keep their hands off you. As an alternative, you can leave some lingerie in his car. Attach a note that says, “Bring this to me tonight and I will put it on just for you.” Your partner will think about you all day long.

Play a sexy game

This is a great one if your partner is competitive. There are loads of sexy games on the market. Find a card game where each card either asks you a question or gives you a dare and you have to answer it/do it. Each prompt gets hotter and hotter, culminating in sexual tension that results in piping-hot, I’ve-waited-so-long-for-this kind of sex.

Try something you’ve never done before

Enjoying a new experience together is a surefire way to make memories. In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, you and your partner can each make a list of sexy experiences you’ve never had, and then share them with one another in a grown-up version of “Never Have I Ever.” The night is yours, of course, but if you’re looking for prolonged sex, try something new that requires taking your time, like experimentation with bondage. Just make sure you have all necessary supplies on the big day.

Snap Some Professional Naughty Photos

While your phone is probably equipped with a great camera, it’s better to let the masters handle this one. A boudoir photo shoot can be a triple threat gift! It’s amazing foreplay — posing in sexy lingerie and feeling sexy, an opportunity to push your limits and play up your ‘Fifty Shades’ fantasies in your naughtiest lingerie, and you get to keep the photos and relive the fantasy time and time again!