Over the years, we have seen many advances in technology. This has given birth to many social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram. Consequently, the way people travel the world has changed drastically and it has become crucial to take the perfect photo to upload to social media.

Nowadays, people love to share photos and videos of everything they do on social media, from the best sports to bet on, movies in cinemas, to travelling the world. At present, travel photos include much more details, such as contrast, lighting, colour and consistency. This has given way to the growth of travel influencers.

In addition, there is a need to share travel images that stand out on Instagram. With that in mind, we’ve provided some tips on how to take Instagram photos when travelling to help capture the perfect moments.

1- Look for blueprints and analyse the terrain

If before arriving at your destination you already have an idea of where the best photos for your Instagram profile from that trip might come from, everything will be easier. Scheduling will help you prepare the set-up for that perfect photo you’ve been longing to take.

You can search in advance on the web for the destination you are going to and decide if it could be “your place”. Make a route to explore it later, always leaving room for improvisation and to get to know the hidden corners of each region.

2- Take into account the lighting

The aesthetic value of any image is determined by the quality of the available light. You will notice that the levels of sunlight change constantly throughout the day and this makes taking great photos quite difficult sometimes, as the light could be too strong. Surely, taking studio photos is much easier as you can adjust the light to give the perfect brightness needed.

Unbeknownst to many people, the bright sunlight during the day is actually too harsh for the desired highlights, shadows and colour to appear in photographs. For this reason, always take pictures when the sun is rising or setting. 

This is one of the best decisions when taking a photo, as well as playing with angles and perspectives. Try it and let yourself be surprised by the final result to get the perfect photo for Instagram.

3- The grid will help you

If you set up the grid when taking photos for Instagram, it is possible to guarantee that the alignment is correct and they won’t come out crooked or bent. This will also ensure that the elements you want to photograph are perfectly centred and captured in an image with evenly content.

best instagram pics

4- Make sure you experiment for Instagram

Many photographers will tell you how difficult it is to take the perfect shot, so you have to keep doing it until you get the right capture. 

It is wrong to think you’re going to make it with the first and only photo. That’s why I recommend that you take at least 5 photos of each place you have in mind and at different angles. There is always time to delete, but don’t go home with the bad taste in your mouth of “I missed that photo”.

Also always remember this, for every good photo you take, there are hundreds of mistakes, so ensure to keep shooting until you get the perfect portrait you want. Experience is the best teacher. Be patient and you will get the flawless photo of your trip to upload to Instagram.