How does technology change our sexuality and society?

SexTech is the most interesting area of technology no one is talking about. No one’s talking about it because it’s so taboo – sex is still so stigmatised wherever we go in the world and yet has such a meaningful impact on our lives, it’s a big part of our human experience and how it intersects with technology. The definition of sex technology (SexTech) is broad and covers a wide range of products and applications. As long as any device or software helps enhance your sexual experience, it can be called SexTech. In recent years, this definition has encompassed such diverse products as smart (fetish) toys and robotic dolls or sexbots, VR/AR porn, 5D adult cinemas, sexual health and wellness apps, dating apps, and adult games.

The sex industry is booming. More and more people start accepting themselves, their sexuality and their bodies. A recent wave of innovative solutions aiming to make our sex life better has brought about a new generation of people calling themselves digisexuals. What is Digisexuality?

Digisexuals are people who prefer online conversations/flirting/sex or “relationships” with sex robots and other products that leverage innovation and cutting edge technologies. In other words, these people realize their sexual needs in the virtual world. Some scholars suggest that digital sexuality will become a new type of sexual orientation in the future. Of course, not everyone is ready for intimacy with a silicone android. But dozens of already existing developments in the SexTech sphere, which threatens to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry, are smoothly leading to a revision of social norms towards the adoption of digital sexuality.

How AI Affects SexTech Evolution

Artificial intelligence is the electricity of the future. It’s hard to disagree with this statement because today, AI has a huge impact on many industries, from banking to automotive to healthcare, etc. But have you ever wondered how AI works in the sex industry? There are big changes happening right now. And while you may not notice it, your user experience with SexTech products just keeps getting better and better.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting SexTech product who’re likely to hit the market with innovative solutions.


Sex Robots

A sex doll does not surprise anyone anymore. But when talking about sex dolls, most people think of an amorphous inflatable mannequin. Although, in fact, they have changed a lot in recent years. It all started with an idea. Movies and TV shows like Westworld or Deus Ex Machina help us envision a future where realistic sex dolls. Today’s sex dolls become more “human” and smart with every technological innovation: they are customized, they have mobile integrations, sensors, warm skin, natural hair, and internal sensors that allow them to respond to touch. They are incredibly realistic, and thanks to conversational AI, they can speak (or play music).

One of the industry leaders, Abyss Creations, develops RealDoll, a highly realistic robotic doll that can blink, laugh, raise their eyebrows, conduct dialogues with people, simulate an orgasm, and even refuse sex. The doll learns with the help of machine learning and adapts to the preferences of its owner.


The app allows users to create their own digital sex partner using a mix of VR and AR. The app provides an impressive and pretty realistic experience. Its potential use cases include, but aren’t limited to bringing a deceased loved one back from the dead, creating a digital partner for lonely people or enjoying more kinky fun. Hyrbi already has over 50 pre-programmed erotic animations and there is plenty of mileage to see how this kind of tech can be used to enhance your home-fapping experience.


The technology that remotely controls dildonics allowing mutual masturbation over the Internet will allow you to engage in hyperrealistic sex at a distance.

Autoblow AI

The penis gripping mechanism used in the gadget has received a U.S. patent for a new way to stimulate the user’s penis. The machine grips the full silicone sleeve and glides over the user’s penis, just as the hand and mouth slide over the penis during masturbation or oral sex. The device offers 10 different blowjob techniques that were discovered using artificial intelligence.

Development of “portable” sex avatars

The initiative group called BodAI started implementing this idea back in 2016. The point is to create a kind of “cloud artificial intelligence” that can be trained and transferred from device to device (from one “body” to another). At the same time, BodAI strives to create not just some kind of AI for carnal pleasures but a “portable” companion friend with whom you can talk.

Robotic replicas

Digital replicas of porn stars and show biz celebrities are expected to catch on and go mainstream by 2033. This brings us to mind the robotic doll Mark 1, presented five years ago, based on the facial features of Scarlett Johansson.