Winter is almost here! The weather may get cold outside, but your sex life shouldn’t. As nights get longer, sex in winter gets hotter. But did you know that there is a way to increase ‘the’ pleasure during winters and by having sex also in the bathroom in the right positions? Sometimes having hotter sex is as simple as a change of scene — and a few steamy new bath sex positions to try.

Sure, there’s no shortage of shower sex that can be had here. But what about using the bathroom sink or top of the toilet to your advantage? Or getting it done in an empty public restroom when the mood strikes while the two of you are still out? With a little creativity and some discretion, any bathroom you choose can become the scene of your next steamy shag session. Not to mention, once the two of you are done, the clean up is more than convenient. It’s tricky but getting adventurous is the key to warm up the chilly nights.

Here are 7 bath sex positions that work well in the shower and some tips to make the sex even hotter.

bath sex positions

Person On Top

This works well for penis-vaginal penetration. Have your partner sit on the toilet seat, floor of the shower, the shower bench, or the side of the tub. Straddle them in any position that allows for penetration comfortably, and hold onto them tight while you take a ride. You don’t need much floor space to pull this one off, making it one of the ideal bath sex positions.

In fact, even if you have a stand-up shower that doesn’t have a full-size tub, you can still have a fun time. It’s just a matter of adjusting the shower head so neither one of you are in its direct path. There’s no sense in drowning in the name of a great orgasm. Plus this is one of the safest bath sex positions, as there’s nowhere to fall.


While facing the shower wall, have your partner, who’s standing behind you, enter you from behind. Why it’s good for the shower: Frankly, if you’re going take the standup route, this is your best bet for standing positions, providing you can count on a wall that’s truly stable. Since both of you are standing upright, you can use the wall for support.

The Sled Doggy Style

This is one of the bath sex positions to be done in the bath tub that will keep you and your partner toastie warm. It’s all about maximising the skin-on-skin contact – so, find a position that allows you both to feel a bit more skin. When you and your partner are going doggy style, slowly flatten your bodies so that he’s essentially on top of you. This will increase the skin-on-skin surface area and keep you warmer.

Standing Pretzel

While you’ll generally want to keep both feet on the ground during shower sex, sometimes you’ll crave something a little more experimental. In times like those, bath sex positions like this can be a ton of fun—so long as your base is sturdy. Have the penetrating partner stand with their feet apart with their knees slightly bent for stability.

Then, allow the receiving partner to wrap one leg around the base’s waist for easy insertion. If the receiving partner doesn’t feel comfortable holding their leg up for that long, the penetration partner can help out by holding onto the bottom of the receiver’s thigh.

Oral waterfall

That’s a pretty sexy name, right? When there’s not a lot of space to get creative, a little oral never fails. For this position, stand and face the shower head, or sit on a shower stool if you have one available. Your partner can kneel in front of you and please you with their mouth, adding fingers or a rumbly waterproof sex toy for extra fun, all while the warm shower water cascades over both of you. Ask your partner to take turns, so they can enjoy being on the receiving end for a little while.


Lay your partner close to you and spoon. There is nothing more erotic than naked bodies rubbing against each other in the bath tub. This is one of the best bath sex positions to warm up. It’ll make you feel protected, snuggly and warm.

The Selfie Stick

Try a standing position with your foot propped up on the sink, sticking your butt back a bit for a better angle. He reaches around with a vibrator while you both admire your mutual hotness in the mirror.

In a Chair

You can play around with this one — face toward them, face away, or even go for oral, if you have a chair in the bath. This is one of the bath sex positions that is perfect for the winter: You’re close enough to help you both stay warm and it’s an intimate position that also has an added kinkiness of having sex somewhere outside the bed. Plus, it’s great for clit play. It’s a winter winner.