Sex without strings may be tempting, but only if you’re not looking for a relationship.

We are truly living in the golden age of television. For proof, you need look no further than Netflix’s selection of original series and the absolute best shows from around the world. Besides all the compelling and groundbreaking series like Love Island, Are You The One?, Ex On The Beach, and Dating Naked, we are also seeying more sex. Steamy sex. Polyamorous sex. Non-heteronormative sex.

So if you can’t keep up with the most titillating, provocative, and downright spicy sex scenes on Netflix, we have neatly compiled them all for you here. Some, we’re sure, you’ve already watched, rewound, and watched again. With others, we are hoping to arouse your libido and interest you in a whole new batch of unfamiliar characters.The digital platform premieres the first season of this contest in which participants cannot have sexual relations of any kind

If during the past winter it devastated the island of temptations (reality show broadcast on Telecinco in which the fidelity of a group of couples was tested), this spring what it takes is Playing with Fire (Too Hot Too Handle), a program that can be seen through the Netflix digital platform , with the first season (of eight chapters) already released. The idea is that the participants, completely unknown to each other, are able to maintain chastity (no kisses and no sexual relations, neither with others nor with themselves) to get the prize: 200,000 dollars.

A priori, it seems easy … But in its meats, it is not. Because the fourteen participants (ten from the first episode and another four that have been added throughout the season) have serious problems staying away from temptation: they are (almost) addicted to sex and allergic to commitment. The show is seen as a modern take on the classic dating show genre, with its upbeat soundtrack, vibrant visuals, and humorous challenges. It has been particularly popular with younger audiences.

Let’s discover why people really like watching Playing with Fire show.


The dynamics of the show

The idea of ​​the contest is for the group to learn to establish lasting relationships beyond where I catch you, here I kill you . As this was not in their plans (in fact, they thought that the retreat was to practice sex in a rampant way), the confinement is uphill for them: jacuzzis, massages, solo showers. To foster their emotional development, various workshops are organized to build trust between couples who seem more like. They are also given an electronic bracelet that turns green when they are able to establish ties and have free access to kiss, touch and do whatever they want.

What happens in each episode?

Friendship pacts gradually form amongst groups of men and groups of women, who alternate between fully avoiding each other due to their horniness and gladly losing out on thousands of dollars to make-out for a few seconds. (The latter usually happens after some evening drinking.) Real relationships bubble up and fall apart, new characters are introduced, and a variety of cringey challenges—including a no-sexual-contact fantasy suite—are presented as tests to see if the contestants have done any puritanical introspection. The rules are enforced by around-the-clock cameras and an Alexa-like AI named Lana, who announces penalties, date night couplings, and other assorted dramatics.

Who is Lana?

The artificial intelligence in Playing with Fire is Lana, an AI voice that serves as the show’s host and guide. She instructs the contestants on tasks and rules, as well as helps them form relationships. The contestants on Playing with Fire are often in awe of Lana’s intelligence and ability to interpret human behavior. They refer to her as a “cyber sage” and appreciate her guidance when it comes to forming relationships.

The Green light

During the fourth episode, Lana introduced these light-up watches that allowed the contestants to break the rules, probably because they realized the show would be boring if no one ever kissed. However, Lana claimed that this was to encourage deeper connections beyond the physical. If a watch light blinked green, this meant that a genuine connection was formed and the two people had permission to kiss. No, this wasn’t based on any sort of science related to pulse rate or something at all reputable. But, no one even questioned that, just hoping to get the green light.

What are realities similar to Playing with Fire in the world?

Other international versions of Playing with Fire include: Game of Love (Brazil), Fire Island (Germany), Temptation Island (Finland), All Of Us Are Looking For Love (Israel), and No Fuego, Por Favor (Colombia). Jugando Con El Fuego is a reality show similar to Playing with Fire. It follows a group of 12 single men and women seeking love, all while trying to win a cash prize without getting too intimate with each other.