Thermal spring water is a product with numerous benefits for the skin and could help make-up to last longer.

Thermal spring water spray is so much more than just H2O. Thermal spring water comes from natural water sources deep within our mother Earth, which are called hot springs. As water from the deep springs rises, it passes through rocks and soil along the way. Earth’s natural heating processes allow minerals and natural elements to dissolve into the water while it’s passing through the soil and rocks. So, thermal spring water is packed with trace elements, low mineral counts, and has a neutral pH. This superhero, pumped-up version of water can help soothe irritated skin naturally and gently, providing relief for eczema and so many benefits of healing and revitalizing the skin. So it’s no surprise that in this day in age of searching for “natural and organic” options to maintain good health and vitality, thermal spring water sprays are getting renewed attention in the skincare and beauty industry.

In ancient Rome, locals regularly bathed in hot springs as a way of harnessing the skin-healing properties of thermal water. These days, that same stuff has been bottled up into some of your favorite skin-care SKUs, giving anyone with access to a drugstore the ability to reap its benefits.

Long been considered a “miracle” treatment for sensitive skin and inflammation, thermal water’s soothing applications can be a game-changer for those dealing with irritation. But considering skin-care technology has understandably improved over the last few thousand years, does it still stack up as a sensitive skin treatment?

Now thermal spring water spray is a non-negotiable element of any long-lasting make-up routine and prevents your glam from fading throughout the day.


Applying makeup is a journey, and when you spend a good amount of time each day intricately beating your face, you want your masterpiece to stay in place. Whether you have oily or dry skin, your make-up may smudge or fade throughout the course of the day. Learn how to make make-up last all day incorporating these beauty hacks into your routine to create a long-lasting make-up look by using thermal spring water:

Yes, you read that right, you can use thermal water to set your make-up! Combined with other treatments, the thermal spring water spray enhances the action of your various beauty and make-up products. Due to perspiration, humidity, heat, tears and other reasons, make-up tends to crack, fade, smudge, or slip. This can be avoided by finishing off your makeup routine with a couple of spritzes of a makeup setting spray.By spritzing a small amount on your final look, you can help your make-up stay on the skin longer. As thermal water evaporates, it will help keep everything in place! You can also use thermal water to lightly wet your foundation sponge so that it hydrates your skin and aids in a fluid application of products.

If you have dry skin, you may prefer a thermal spring water spray to a setting powder to hold all the effort in place since the former gives your face a dewy appearance and sets your eye and lip make-up along with your foundation. Look in any professional makeup artist’s kit and you’re bound to find one thing in common: a spray can of thermal spring water. Artists use it to prep skin before application and refresh makeup once it’s done. According to make-up artists, the key to thermal spring water spry success is all in the application. Always apply the mist in a “T” motion through the centre of the face and an “X” to hit the outer perimeters, What’s more, don’t hold your bottle too close: a fine mist is easily achieved when you’re wielding the bottle at arm’s length.

And that’s not all your water spray is good for, either. Try spritzing your flat shadow brush with a little water spray to pick up and lay down a more foiled effect with high-shimmer shadows. To use a thermal spring water spray, hold the spray bottle six inches away from your face and apply two spritzes of the spray after you finish your make-up application.

In addition to the above, one major benefit of using thermal water is that the spray form can be stored at your desk, in your purse, gym bag, or beach bag — and if you can get your hands on a travel-sized bottle — your carry-on for use when and where your make-up needs a little boost. If you really want to prolong the life of your makeup, a spray does the trick. It’s especially great when you want your makeup to last on special occasions and or when it’s impossible to bother about mid-day touch-ups.

Now that you are aware of the many wonderful benefits that thermal spring water offers, it’s time you give it a shot. It’s going to be your skin’s new best friend, a friendship that you’ll always want to keep!