Cellulite is simply fat which looks different because of the way it is arranged. The desire to flush out cellulite occurs when fat cells under the skin expand and begin to protrude through the layers of connective tissue that lie on top of them. What happens is the enlarged fat cells push upwards and at the same time the long strands of connective tissue pull down, creating an uneven surface, with the fat cells bulging out like stuffing in a mattress. This leads to the characteristic ‘orange peel’ dimpling of the skin.

Cellulite affects a staggering 80-90% of women. It affects the slim, as well as the overweight, most commonly appearing on the thighs and buttocks, and sometimes on the stomach, breasts and arms. It’s no threat to health, but is certainly upsetting and embarrassing and may be an indication that your lifestyle could be healthier. 

The good news is that there are some things you can do to significantly reduce and flush out cellulite.  Some of them provide a more immediate, though temporary, reduction in the severity of the quilted-mattress look on your backside, and some of them offer a more long-term solution.

Take a look at the following 5 steps to flush out cellulite

flush out cellulite

Exercises to smooth your skin

Cellulite is caused by pockets of fat squeezed between the fibrous bands of connective tissue beneath your skin. Bulging fat cells create the lumpy effect that causes you so much embarrassment in your bikini.  Exercise is an important part of getting rid of cellulite, but you can’t just rely on a heavy cardio routine. Squats, deadlifts, and other muscle-building exercises will help you replace some of that fat with muscle, smoothing your skin and diminishing the dimpled effect.

Eat a healthy diet

Imbalance in hormones and toxins flare up the cellulite in the body. Maintain a well-balanced diet by adding whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, which will gradually help to balance the hormones, check your calories and reduce cellulite. Processed meats and cheeses, canned soups, pizza, and bagels all contain high amounts of sodium, which can lead to water retention and dehydration, causing your fat cells to swell and exacerbating the cottage cheese look of your cellulite.

Additionally, foods high in sugar (soda, snack cakes, white bread) accelerate the breakdown of skin-smoothing collagen, and the dairy products you eat may be loading you up on estrogen, causing even more cellulite to form. Maintaining a nutritious, high-fiber, low-sodium, non-dairy diet can go a long way toward reducing unsightly cellulite.

Treatments to firm your skin

While it will take some time to flush out cellulite from diet and exercise, topical treatments can provide you with a more immediate solution. Don’t expect dramatic results, though. Topical creams with vitamin C or retinol can help build your skin-smoothing collagen, but this too requires time and consistency. Creams containing caffeine can also firm and smooth your skin in the immediate, which may boost your confidence while you wait for the results of your diet and exercise routine.

Massage and exfoliation

Deep tissue massage helps to flush out cellulite by enhancing circulation and draining lymph nodes. Like topical creams, the skin-smoothing effect of massage is temporary, but it can last for a couple of days. Regular exfoliation or practicing it on alternative days increases the blood circulation in the affected parts of the body. It rejuvenates the skin, removes dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation, makes your body susceptible to absorb the moisture and in turn smoothens and tightens the skin. You can try some homemade scrubs like coffee or sugar scrubs to get that smooth look.

Dry brushing is another way that can help you to flush out cellulite. This technique is said to stimulate blood and lymph flow, remove dead skin cells, and stimulate new cell growth. It may support detoxification and stimulate your nervous system. Use a natural plant loofah or body brush to gently smooth dry skin for up to five minutes. You can start at the feet and move your way upward. Use long fluid strokes or circular motions. This is best done before a bath or shower.

Fat terapy

If you’re looking for a more permanent elimination of the lumps and bumps on your thighs, bum, and love handles, ultrasound fat cavitation therapy is the way to go to flush out cellulite. During a fat cavitation session, the practitioner uses ultrasound therapy to convert those bulging fat cells into liquid, which your body then flushes out cellulite through the lymphatic and urinary systems.

Most people require 6-12 treatments per area to achieve optimal results, but you’ll notice a difference after the first session.  Ultrasound cavitation is painless and easy, and the results are permanent as long as you maintain your fitness level.