The semi-permanent manicure offers a lot of benefits like saving time, holding, shine: it revolutionizes the lives of women who love perfect hands.

The semi-permanent manicure is widely used nowadays because of its numerous advantages. But despite its advantages, semi-permanent nail polishes also got backlashed by some women who prefer for other alternatives and also those who had bad experiences using it which is why it is important also for you to know the disadvantages of using semi-permanent nail polish so that you can choose this type of product wisely the next time you shop for one of these products.

Semi-permanent manicure pros

Semi-permanent manicure

Looks And Feels Good

Semi-permanent manicure was made with the intention to mimic natural nails. From a timeless French manicure to something on the wild side, you can achieve it with semi-permanent polish. For many who do their nails regularly, there is a clear connection between good-looking nails and a great day. It’s a self-care ritual for many people because of the way it looks and makes them feel.

At the end of the day, nothing beats feeling good in your own skin. Anyone who gets their nails done can agree that even if you are not having a great day, it helps you feel like a million bucks.

A perfect manicure that lasts more than 2 weeks

The long-term durability of the semi-permanent manicure is its main advantage. If applied carefully and on a healthy nail, it can last from 2 to 3 weeks depending on the brands of the products and the method of application used. That’s almost 3 weeks where you can completely forget about nail upkeep, while feeling your best.


Semi-permanent manicure makes the nails look brighter than traditional polish. Likewise, its color remains intact until the end, because in reality it is only removed when the nail has grown. In the same way, this type of manicure is very versatile, because it is possible to resort to different polishes. Likewise, the technique can be accompanied by digital decoration.


Its drying is immediate. That is, unlike a traditional manicure, which can be damaged in the way from the manicure chair to the exit door of the hairdresser, this manicure allows you to resume work immediately, because once it is put under the rays of the UV lamp, the nails come out dry.

Semi-permanent manicure cons

We can’t forget that nothing is ever perfect. Yes, even semi-permanent glazes have disadvantages. For example, loss of gloss, strength, colour changes and increased fragility of the nail are associated with excessive use of this type of polish. It is important to know that if we have fragile or damaged nails we should avoid this manicure, because for a long time the nail stays covered by the polish.

You Need Breaks

For fifteen days, the nail is buried beneath four layers of varnish. This is not the best way to help them. Semi-permanent nail polish is not recommended for nails that are weak or damaged. Our nails receive oxygen and nutrients through our blood system so you can’t constanly suffocate your nails with polish.

Your natural nails do need air to stay strong. If you don’t take breaks between manicures, over a long period of time, your nails will suffer. Nails can also be thinned from the nail prep process. Every time your nails are buffed before the polish is applied, the nail layers are damaged. Nails need a week’s break for every 8 weeks of manicures. During this break apply a protein treatment to help strengthen your nails.

It is more difficult to remove

Removing semi-permanent polish is not as easy as using a traditional polish. To remove it implies to pass the file on the nail to remove the shine, and later to wrap them with cotton moistened with a specialized remover and aluminum paper. It is undoubtedly a procedure that is almost always carried out by an expert manicurist.

Long term effects

The long-term effects, probably the most worrying, is the appearance of skin cancer. We know that openness to bright radiation (UVR) is one of the primary driver in the advancement of skin cancer. The fact that UV lamps are used to carry out this type of enameling could be associated with an increase in cancer skin in the long term and, for this reason, we recommend the application of photoprotectors about 20-30 minutes before doing it.

It can creates small cracks

Relatively, semi-permanent nail polishes received several complaints from women who used it a few days after applying it to their nails because, although it is hard for it to be removed easily, it naturally creates smaller cracks. Despite not being too visible, these cracks can ruin your entire manicure concept, as it goes with all the beauty products you use, you cannot assure that the quality lasts that long.