Perhaps your definition of happiness involves lots of quality time with loved ones. Maybe it includes a fulfilling career. Those small and big things may add joy to your life and enhance your emotional well-being. But happiness is also created on a daily basis through intentional thoughts and habits.

Life these days is unpredictable. Sometimes, it brings us an abundance of joy, and other times, it takes away our little moments of happiness, turning them into despair. When things don’t turn the way we expect them to, we often blame ourselves for not asking the right questions and making the right decisions.

Amid all this, we forget that good things in life take time and when faced with the toughest questions, ignoring them isn’t a solution. While the answer may not come instantly, it will eventually come, just at the right time.

Here are some questions you must ask yourself in 2023 about happiness.


What am I grateful for?

While it makes sense that feeling appreciation for all the things you do have (and that are so easy to take for granted) on a regular basis would turn you into a more content person over time, there’s actual science behind this thought, being grateful can literally improve your happiness.

What would bring me joy?

Between work stressors and projects, daily responsibilities at home and the emotional labor involved in making it all happen, it’s easy to forget about having fun. But focusing on your enjoyment on a daily basis — even through very simple, small steps, can yield drastic results when it comes to your long-term happiness.

Every morning, ask yourself what would bring you joy. Perhaps you just wanna inject more laughter into your day by joking around while powering through tasks with coworkers. Maybe you’d love to book a nail appointment after work. Go on a short walk during your lunch break. Buy a new candle and take a bath. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be big, expensive or take a lot of time. But striving for enjoyment every time you wake up and go about your routine will make you happier no matter what ends up happening during the day.

Who do I care about?

So often, we put our relationships on the back burner so we can focus on work, but spending time with people (especially happy people) can help us experience more joy.

Do I want to be right or happy?

When you interact with others, do you focus more on being right or enjoying your time together? The latter will help you be happier.

Am I more motivated by fear or passion?

Fear entails judgment, focusing on what’s wrong, resentment, anger, guilt and shame. Passion, on the other hand, is based on optimism, empowerment, gratitude and a deep desire to focus on what you want to create to make things even better.

How can I live in alignment with my values and beliefs in life today?

Living in alignment with your deepest values and beliefs will ultimately make you happy. Human beings are most happy when they are living their life with how they imagine their life being. Imagine what your life will consist of if you live in alignment with your values and beliefs. Will you be a happier individual? It’s about taking action with what you believe in and making the commitment every single day of living out your values.

What can I do today to fulfill my human needs?

There are 6 human needs that we experience. These 6 human needs consist of certainty, variety, significance, connection & love, growth, and contribution. Take a moment every morning and be clear with what you human needs are.

Why do I go to work every day?

Do you know why you go to work every single day? Does it seem like you are constantly stuck in a “draining routine”? In order for you to be happy, you need to know why you do what you do. What is the reason for you to wake up in the mornings and go to work? You must experience a passion behind your actions. Without passion, it’s easy to get stuck in a boring and dull routine. Reach deep within yourself and be clear with why you go to work.

How can I incorporate more quality down time?

An important part of being happy is taking time to decompress. And this doesn’t mean you spend an hour each night on Facebook. Meditation is a great way to calm your mind as is getting quality sleep.

Where am I directing my focus?

So often, we are focusing on the past in a state of regret or worrying about the future, both of which can deplete our happiness levels. Try being more present. And when you do think about the past, forgive what took place and use tough experiences as learning opportunities. When thinking about the future, focus on what you want to have happen.