But finding the right beauty tips and incorporate them in our busy schedules can be hard between our jobs, classes, extra curricular activities and – of course – our social lives. Nonetheless, it’s hard to find the time to always primp and prep ourselves to look fabulous, and things can fall out of place from time to time, especially during a day that seems to last forever.

Throughout our life, especially when we are about to hit the 30 or 40 “deadline”, most of us aspire to polish up our makeup game, figure out which hairstyle is actually our best look, and finally shake off tired insecurities for good.

So for all of the women approaching these imaginary-yet-important beauty deadlines (and even those of us a few years beyond it), we offer some beauty tips of beauty wisdom that’ll carry you into your prime years, so you can look and feel more gorgeous than ever. With these quick and easy beauty tips and secrets, you’re guaranteed to look beautiful and flawless all the time!

Try these beauty tips to look more gorgeous than ever

Bronzer and baby powder for your hair, vaseline for everything else

Bronzer and baby powder are one of the beauty tips one would never think of – but they work perfectly if you are trying to disguise oily hair. This is one of our favourite beauty tips EVER: if you are one of those girls who love to play with their hair, and therefore, add more oil to it than it would have on its own, you will love this too! It’s very simple: if you’re a brunette, carry around a bronzer compact. If you’re a blonde, carry around a mini baby powder. They’ll temporarily hide your not-so-freshly-washed locks!

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Another item that makes it to the top three best beauty tips of all times is vaseline: definitely a life-saver. From using it as a chapstick, to applying a sparing amount to dry skin, to using it as an eye makeup remover, Vaseline can do it all.

Don’t be afraid to use foundation and concealers

This is another of those great beauty tips a woman should be aware of: foundation will become more useful and less optional as you get older. Using foundation will help you masterfully conceal the different kinds of skin issues that arise as time passes—and just generally look more polished.

If you like your cover-up to float on the skin and hide imperfections rather than sink in and accentuate them, one of the beauty tips that work best is to first dab your ring finger into an eye balm, then swipe it over a solid concealer or foundation and dot it on. The creamy texture blends in very smoothly and doesn’t settle into little lines. As the day goes by, instead of layering on powder before happy hour, press a few drops of face oil over your cheeks to refresh your foundation and create a super natural glow.

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is THE best anti-age product you can use. If you ask any dermatologist to name their number-one anti-aging tip, boring-old sunscreen will be it, guaranteed. So it’s as simple and hard as that: be diligent about broad-spectrum sunscreen on all your exposed skin every day. You can prevent so much more than you can treat!

Get enough sleep and do your deep beauty routine before bedtime

Bedtime is prime time for deep moisturizing, fighting future lines plus treating your lips, cuticles, heels, and other problem areas, basically because it is the best long, restful stretch of time when products can deeply penetrate, without adverse effects from sun exposure. Your skin will thank you if you are diligent about night moisturizers and eye creams before going to bed.

Moreover, you should try to get as much sleep as you can – studies show that sleep deprivation makes your skin dehydrated and tired-looking, so you should aim for seven to nine hours of beauty sleep per night.

Exfoliate regularly

In your 20s, your skin is making lots of new cells. In your 30s, your cells turn over more slowly, leading to dull, dry, flaky patches Exfoliation will reveal new skin cells and keep you looking glowy, but it also allows your anti-aging products to sink in more efficiently.

Don’t use hair towels to dry your hair

Don’t rub your hair with a towel to dry it as it may rough up the cuticle, resulting in frizzy hair. Instead twist your hair to remove water and blot with a towel to protect the cuticle and prevent breakage. Even better – use an old t-shirt to blot water with zero friction.

Eat and drink well

One of the best things you can do for your health is to eat healthy and drink a lot of water – this is probably the best beauty tip ever. We are what we eat, after all. Go buy a juicer – you can use it all the time and throw in kale, Swiss chard, cucumber, cilantro, parsley, green apple and lemon. Drink your greens and enjoy the glow!