Bedrooms can be such easy rooms to update, switch out a cushion here, paint a wall there – you can have a totally different feeling room by the end of a weekend. But how do you give your space a truly luxurious bedroom refresh on a budget?

Sometimes all it takes for a cheap bedroom makeover is a fresh lick of paint, a gorgeous new candle or a new throw pillow. None of which will break the bank but will all make your bedroom feel refreshed and instantly more expensive

Here the many ways that you can do a bedroom refresh on a tight budget

Bedroom refresh

Add Some Color

Want to try a new wall color? Rejuvenate a tired room with stylish color. Soft blues can make a room feel tranquil, a bright pink or yellow can make it feel cheerful and a deep gray or even black can bring a touch of sophistication. Paint is potentially the cheapest way to give your bedroom a whole new look. Even if you are renting so going for something bold isn’t an option, just giving your walls a fresh coat of white paint can instantly make it feel brighter and cleaner.

Bedroom refresh: Add Some Greenery

Plants can help make a room feel fresh and inviting. You don’t have to have a green thumb to refresh a room with plants, just look for ones that thrive in your home’s environmental conditions. If you’re worried about maintenance there are indoor plants you (probably) can’t kill. Take into consideration how much sun the room gets, if the plants are safe for pets and children and how much they will need to be watered.

Switch out Your Bedlinen

Ah, pillows, the most versatile of the soft furnishings and such an inexpensive way to update your bedroom. Switch up your pillows and your bedding when you start to feel uninspired by your space and pick different colors and patterns from your previous lot so you really feel a difference. Over stuff your cushions too if you want to give them that plush hotel vibe. Do this by either ordering an inner that’s slightly too large or filling your cushion with two inserts. Then do the chop technique to get them looking extra full and fancy.

Try a New Rug

Rugs can tie a room together as they add warmth and help define spaces. Make sure you have the right size rug for your space. Experts agree that some of the flooring around the rug’s edges is fine, but you should make sure at least some of the furniture rests on the rug. With this simple hack, you’ll be able to make any rug extra cushiony.

Give Window Treatments an Update

Refreshing a room can be as simple as just updating the window treatments and the options are nearly endless. Try sheer curtains to let in more sunlight or replace vertical blinds with roman blinds. Try out these trending curtain ideas for your bedroom refresh.

Refresh Accent Pieces

For an easy way to make a bedroom refresh, try swapping out some accent pieces. Replace your bedroom throw pillows and blankets with new ones in a different color or print. Try a new lamp or hang a new piece of artwork. Change out dusty candles for fresh, seasonal colors and scents. The list can go on, but there are plenty of cheap decor ideas, like these, that look expensive.

Add a Statement Piece

Need a major update? Try an oversized piece of artwork that makes a statement. Or, for a more eclectic look, consider propping up a large piece of artwork against the wall. Hanging a large, oversized mirror can also make a statement and help small rooms appear larger. Did you know that artwork has the ability to make a small room look bigger?

Replace Hardware

For a simple bedroom refresh that takes very little time, replace the hardware on drawers and cabinets. Try brass pulls for an on-trend look on a media console, or wooden pulls for a farmhouse look. Take inspiration from the best modern cabinet hardware.

Rearrange Furniture

Sometimes refreshing a room is as simple as rearranging some furniture. Try something new, such as using an open bookshelf as a room divider or move the bed away from the wall. Opening up the space or simply using it in a different can make it feel like a new room.

Move Display Items to a New Spot

When was the last time you rearranged your knickknacks? Take a look around the room and see if there’s a way to rearrange your display items. Sometimes regrouping items such as framed photos, books and candles in different spots helps the room feel like a whole new space. Also, consider whether or not there is anything you no longer want on display.