If you’re single and want to have sex while on your vacation, this article is for you. Of course, anyone can take the shortcut and find an escort. But this article is for those who prefer the satisfaction of the thrill of the chase. So are you ready!?

The perfect time to get laid

First of all, the timing: it’s always best to meet someone during the day – at a beach, around town, at a Happy Hour – than at night in a bar or club. This way, you can establish a base for your future moves.  When you see them later, they recognize you and you’re able to quickly approach and continue an earlier conversation, talk about what you did in the meantime, perhaps even sit down with them at a table.

Taking this approach one step further, when you meet someone during the day, ask to meet up with them at night. What you’re doing here is planting the seed for a sexy encounter.

Your attitude is also extremely important to get laid. At a bar, or in a restaurant for lunch or dinner, you need to look like you’re having a great time even if you are not, and that involves looking around and smiling a lot. Act as if you’re the happiest person on the planet. That enthusiasm will catch people’s attention and may even bring in a group of strangers to talk with you. Of course you need to get your face out of your phone. Eye contact is the key here! The best way to get someone’s attention in a bar or restaurant or pretty much anywhere is to make eye contact with them.  So get your face out of your phone and start making eye contact!

If you are in a foreign country, language might be a barrier. If you can speak the local language, great, if you can’t, just speak to them in English and hope they know some, most foreigners will know some English. If not and you don’t know some local language you are pretty much screwed. Move on and find a potential partner that does.

Before going on vacation, you may consider to invest in your image. You’re looking for sex holidays, and want to land a gorgeous Ibiza nudist volleyball champion. You’re likely going to be topless around her, and you’re going to have to feel confident being so! It’s often said that a beach body is how to get girls. It’s not everything, but it is important to have a body that you can feel relaxed and confident about baring during a flirty conversation. Looks aren’t everything, of course. You can still land yourself some sex with a strong, reactive conversation, and by being outgoing and smart about the way you come across.

get laid

Talk to as many girls as possible

The wonderful thing about get laid on the beach is that you may never see any of these people again. Which means you get to be as gregarious and outrageous as you’ve ever been. The key thing is to have fun. You are likely there with other people you know, so try to set up games with everyone – bring girls into a game of water volleyball, or push them into the pool.

At the end of the night, finding somewhere secluded is key. With luck, you’ll be near a beach. Use it to bolster your confidence. If you’ve been dancing and hanging out all day and you’re alone on a beach, she is on some level expecting you to at least attempt a kiss.

Another way to get more chances at getting laidi s to find a shared accomodation, for instance by staying in mixed dorms. That way you’re guaranteed to sleep in the same room as other people, chat to them and tour the city together. After a curry and a few beers somewhere, the next natural move can often be a lot more than just room-mates.

Owners of hostels and hostel staff often lead busy lives, indeed some of the receptionists and cleaners have boring, mundane existences. Chat away to them! If a lady comes in to wash the showers, get talking to her, ask her about the city, invite her out. She might also show you around. If she knows you’re heading off again the next morning, she might be gagging for it as much as you.

In the case of “curiosity killed the cat” there is also the option of paying for get laid. Not everyone’s cup of tea, (though one might be surprised to know how many people choose this path) but there are plenty of travellers who are prone to it. This one is simple – find your local red light district, turn up, pick your girl or boy and agree a price.

Advice – BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL – and probably best to visit these types of areas in a group. Probably best not to take any credit cards as well. Wearing a condom is a MUST.

It is understandable if you’re apprehensive about physically visiting a Red Light District. Thankfully, there are alternatives for shy travelers. These types of arrangements are made online or over the phone.

So, are you ready to get laid easily when on vacation?