Men in particular are habitual offenders when it comes to cooking up common lies to wriggle out of a sticky situation with his girlfriend or wife. But there are a series of common lies also women tell to their partners on a regular basis. Never mind that most make a mess of it! But don’t let that put your guards down.

We have gathered the most common liews men and women tell each other so you can be ready to spot them!

The most common lies men tell to women

Everything is fine

Men tell their partners that “everything’s fine” when they would rather put up with an annoyance or serious issue than upset the relationship’s peace and get roped into a complicated emotional conversation. Unfortunately, partners feel less close when they don’t discuss their problems, leading unease, resentment, and the relationship suffers.

Honey, you’re the best

This is one of the most common lies ever. In the first rush of romance it makes sense for a man to engage in exaggerated praise of a woman’s beauty and sexuality. But “you’re the best” lies can paralyze a relationship. If a woman feels her man is holding back on his true sexual feelings, she needs to encourage him to be open. Talking about her own preferences is a good way to begin. Real intimacy depends on truth – lovingly told – especially in the bedroom.

Sorry, I missed your call

They may also say, “My phone battery died,” or that the phone “had no signal”. All these three mean the same thing – I saw the phone, but want you to back off a bit. Every man needs a little alone time, and ends up feeding you such lines because he’s afraid to tell you this truth straight-up.

That dress isn’t too tight. It looks great!

Kind lies can be too much of a good thing if a man habitually says only what his partner wants to hear. It sets the woman up for rude awakenings.

After all, if the dress she’s wearing really is too tight, has he done her a favor? Far better is the tactful truth: “I usually love what you wear, honey, but it just doesn’t look quite as good this time.”

common lies

The most common lies women tell to men

Everything’s fine.

Women tell this lie, too — but often for different reasons than men. A woman likely really wants to discuss what’s wrong but feels so disconnected from her partner that she doesn’t believe he will be receptive or that constructive dialog is possible.

I’m too tired for sex

This could be the truth — but if she offers this excuse with increasing regularity, it’s possible that her lack of desire for physical intimacy with you could be a reflection of an increasing distance in the relationship…not feeling attractive… a health issue… or a relationship with someone else.

I’m coming!

This is one of the most common lies ever. It should be stated, while I’ve never met a woman who hasn’t sheepishly admitted to faking an orgasm, I’m yet to encounter a man who isn’t convinced every woman he’s ever bedded has enjoyed a screaming climax. Though it’s an effective tactic for bringing bad sex to an end, this lie spreads the virus known as Men Who Think They’re God’s Gift To Women In The Sack But Actually Suck At Sex.

I’ll be ready in five minutes

What it means: I’ll be ready in 25 to 35 minutes. Why they use it: To buy themselves some more time while getting ready. As simple as that.

I’m not jealous

Translated “I am jealous. I believe in the Disney effect of how one man for one woman. If I see you look at a woman, comment about a woman’s ass, show me photos of gorgeous women, see you looking on computer about women, I will feel insecure and that maybe I am not good enough, texting someone, then…I will feel jealous and will I feel something is missing in me…”

I’ve never done this before

This fib is most commonly used on the guy whose masculinity hinges on the idea the woman he’s doing the deed with has unshackled her chastity belt for the night. Equally effective versions include, “You’re the only guy I’ve let do that to me”, “This is my first one-night-stand” and “I don’t normally do this”. It’s not that this man is insecure. His brain just can’t withstand the knowledge a woman has interacted with other male humanoids before him. He’s also sexually disappointing, so would prefer it if we didn’t have anything to compare him to.

I love you

This is not properly one of the most common lies, but rather a sort of test. The woman saying this is 70% of the times checking if she is loved in return. She wants you to say it back to her.

How many of these lies have you told or been told??