We’re always hearing that we could be having better sex with a Kamasutra posture, a better orgasm, or a better relationship. But how often do we hear the nitty-gritty of how we can actually better understand our deepest desires and most embarrassing questions?

A few thousand years ago, when Indian writer Vatsyayana was putting pen to paper and writing the text that would be known as the Kama Sutra, he couldn’t have foreseen the impact that his work would have on the world. In the modern era, the words “Kama Sutra” are a synonym for sex. There are umpteen sex positions to learn from and those include the most awkward to the easiest ones.

Here are our recommendations for the easiest Kamasutra postures.



The missionary sex position is pretty straightforward. Think of every movie you’ve ever seen with a sex scene. One partner lies down on their back, and the other partner lies on top of them, inserting their penis. Try this variation, when you’re in missionary position, lie with your feet off the bed and pull your knees into your chest. You can do this during or before penetration. As your partner pushes in and out of you, let your hips rock back and forth. For them, the movement is pretty similar to regular missionary.

This basic sex position, modified, is a great example of the power of small changes. Even moving your legs closer to or further from your chest by a few inches will create a different angle of penetration. You can also pull your legs further apart or squeeze them closer together. Or keep one foot flat on the bed and the other leg lifted into the air. If you’re limber, you can also try resting both of your ankles on his shoulders.

Missionary with a pillow under your hips

Before you start having sex, place a pillow under your hips, and then let your partner enter you like during regular missionary. This is a super easy variation on an already basic Kamasutra sex position that can create mind-blowing results. It helps their body push against your clitoris, which may help you reach orgasm.


Relax with one arm behind your head for support. Both partners are on their side and the giver penetrates the receiver from behind. You genuinely are spooning each other, only with penetration. Feel emboldened to get in on that clitoral action. Either partner can reach around and stroke the receiver’s clit, or you can grab your favorite wand vibrator and slip it between your legs. You will be able to rock against the wand while simultaneously enjoying being penetrated by your partner. You can lift your top knee up and maybe even wrap it around your partner if that’s more comfortable or provides better clit access.

The spooning position is an intimate Kamasutra sex position that allows you to really hold (or be held by) your partner, although the eye contact is not there, the closeness can bring you to heights unexpected.

Dangling over

Go to the edge of the bed and let your legs hang off, and have your partner place their body between your legs and enter you. You’re pretty much along for the ride with this one, and the person on top gets to thrust away to their heart’s content! This is an easy Kamasutra sex position for people with penises because it doesn’t require them to hold up their body weight with their arms.

The Rider

The cowgirl, rider, or cow-person position can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gender or genitals. This Kamasutra position (usually) involves penetration, with the person on top (being penetrated) doing the majority of the work. In rider, the person on top can have their feet planted next to their partner’s sides (squatting cowgirl) or they can rest on their knees. It can take some playing around to find what works best for you — you don’t necessarily need to bounce up and down or go super-fast. Try rocking back and forth, or lowering your chest over your partner for some hot skin-on-skin contact as well as to stimulate your clit by grinding on them. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Over the Shoulders

The receiver lies on their back with their partner kneeling in front of them. As they penetrate, the receiver can place their knees over their giver’s shoulders rather than at your side, like in missionary. The top partner can place their hands on the bed next to their partner or stay kneeling upright. This variation of missionary helps to better angle the anus and vulva upwards allowing for deeper penetration.

This Kamasutra position is great for beginners because it feels acrobatic without actually being acrobatic. It allows for super-deep penetration and teasing of the G-spot area in an indirect way. It puts a lot of pressure on the internal clitoris, which can feel very pleasurable.