For a woman’s heart to be won over takes effort. If you do not completely comprehend the thoughts and feelings of a woman, there is no way you will be able for any of them to be won over. Simply going with the flow and listening to your feelings and hunches won’t do you any good. In fact, it could be downright lethal! If you hope to win a woman’s heart, you will have to do it the right way. Ready for your dream girl to be won over?

All the sure-fire ways a woman can be won over

won over

Be confident

One of the best ways a woman should be won over with. Confident men are sexy and attractive. Do not be arrogant, it is an immediate turn-off. Being confident includes taking initiatives, having ambitions and being secure about yourself! Men who have a passion for what they do are naturally great at it. Do what you love to feel confident. Let your charismatic aura run freely and you will surely win over the woman of your dreams.

Compliment her

Though it might seem trite and insincere to dish out compliments left and right, your words can be powerful. While sure, you should take note of her physical appearance since a lot of women put a lot of effort into looking nice for their date. But also, offer flattering remarks as you get to know her – including her brilliance and her humour, her presence and more. When she feels like you’re taking the effort to get to know her and taking note of her qualities, she’ll feel comfortable being herself around you.

Make her laugh

Women love laughing and it proves that you’re intellectually strong and humorous, which is a desirable trait in future mate. Also, this will give you a chance to see where her eyes are going when she laughs, to tell if she is interested in you. If her eyes dart at you first when she laughs, she probably likes you at a subconscious level.

This is an amazing trick to make anyone your girlfriend, but it’ll also make increasing their chances to win over her.

Be her friend

There is a big difference between being her friend and being friend zoned. Also, I want to note, it’s been proven and totally acceptable to be in the friendzone for months at a time and then move in and start dating. Go the extra mile and do stuff that makes her smile. Leave little notes in her car. Send her good morning texts. Talk her through her problems and sympathize with her. In fact, in doing these things, you’re practically halfway dating her already. Really, though… the best relationships lay their foundations in truth and friendship.

Be mindful of body language

One of the best ways a woman should be won over with. Here’s a good subconscious psychological tip that can work amazingly well in many situations. Touch her shoulder, ask her for something and grab it out of her hand, or make-up some game that requires touch and play it with her, the idea is to make her know that you’re willing to touch her in a nonsexual way because you feel comfortable around her and to get her reaction. You will be halfway to win over her.

Tell her secrets

Tell her a secret about you, something personal that not very many people know. This will open the door for trust and as you tell her things about you, she will notice that you trust her, which in turn will make her trust you more.

Bonus points for things that are slightly embarrassing as well. Just remember that girls love it when you tell them secrets, use this trick to your strategy to win over her.

Give her all your attention

In a world where your attention can go anywhere, it is one of the most valuable things you can give a girl. If you want to win over her, pay attention to her, and not just for a couple minutes.

Look her in the eyes when she’s talking to you and make mental note of all the stuff she’s talking about, if you can mention it in later conversations, she’ll feel special and start to enjoy your presence.

Ask Her How She Feels

One of the most important things, when it comes to women, is how they feel. You can guess all you want, but you won’t really know her feelings until you ask her. Most girls are completely honest if you ask them, so sometimes asking a girl is enough to get her to think about how serious she wants to be with you.

Show, don’t tell

If you really want a girl you like to be won over by you, you need to invest in her showing your girlfriend how much she means to you.

This means with your time, your money, and your emotions. Cut time out of your day specifically for her and listen to her. Invest in her with your money. Buy her things that you know will make her smile and spend money on experiences you both can enjoy. Lastly, you must be willing to invest in her emotionally… this means you must be vulnerable and be okay with sharing your emotions and feelings.