Many people in our society fear turning 40, because of the huge pressure on both men and women to stay young-looking. Our society is still very youth oriented. Age and wisdom aren’t valued in the same way as they are in some other cultures. Women; especially, are surrounded by messages from the media that a woman should stay young and beautiful, so getting older can symbolize a loss of their attractiveness. However, those who have passed the 40 mark can tell you that it’s not something to be afraid of. It’s something to celebrate.

Here are some reasons why turning 40 is actually pretty wonderful


The best thing that I’ve noticed about turning 40 is that your confidence shoots up massively. From the tumultuous teens to the fun of your 20s and the hard slog of your 30s the last 40 years have been about one thing and one thing only, finding out who you are. By the time you hit 40 that is it. The compensation for this is that you know what you are good at.

From standing out in your career to knowing who your real friends are; from knowing how to dress to look your best to knowing how to ask and get what you want in bed. This does not mean that the adventure is over, far from it. Now that you know what direction you are going in you can concentrate all your energy on consolidating your skills, at being good, at being the best you that you can be.

You learn to be kind and respect yourself

The chances are that by the time you turn 40 you have learned to recognize how to take care of yourself and developed strategies to deal with it by identifying and valuing the positives in you. Self-respect is valuing yourself for who you are, and not allowing others to dictate your value. It’s trusting yourself, thinking for yourself, forming your own opinions, and making your own decisions.

In addition, it’s refusing to compare yourself to others. You will also understand that the best ways to show yourself kindness is to take good care of yourself…. How? Getting enough sleep, eating fruits and vegetables, and getting some form of exercise on a regular basis.

You appreciate life

By the time you hit your 40, you’ve usually been through a few challenges. Life will have been quite difficult at times. But that tends to make you feel pretty grateful for the positive things you have. You really appreciate your life as it is, you enjoy the journey instead of always worrying about the outcome.

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You know who your true friends are

The 40 is when you should be able to distinguish between the friends who were there with you just for the sake of being with you, and the ones who actually love you and are bothered about you. It is important to have a fair understanding of those fake people.

In the past years you have probably come across your fair share of ‘frenemies’, you will almost certainly have been stung by at least one. The upside to this is that you will also have learned that you don’t need 20 best friends, just one or two who have your back and will support you through thick and thin.

Kids are growing..or…

If you have had children in your 20s it means that you got your life back in your 40s as your children left home for work or college. But you can have more if you want them!! What better way to celebrate life beginning at 40 than with a brand new baby? Parents who delay pregnancy to their 40s are often said to be more established, have more time for the baby and to be more financially secure than younger parents.

Sex life is hot

There is truth in the saying that practice makes perfect as by the time people turn 40 they are confident in their bodies, have learned what works for them and are confident enough to ask for it in bed. In a survey of the sexual habits women said that they were more adventurous between the sheets in their 40s than they were when they were younger.

While more than a quarter of married women over the age of 40 admitted to having an affair a staggering number of women said the best sex they had was with their husbands, proving that long term commitment often pays off.

Your earning potential is great

It is known that workers in their 40s are at their financial peak of earning power. And it just gets better from here, with your salary continuing to increase, or at least staying the same, into your 50s. The best age for earning and consolidate your career starts now.

To conclude, whoever said that 40 was old? This is the best time of your life and the best years are ahead of you!!