When it comes to the art of silent seduction, nothing comes close to the subtle power of the Best scents. Just a hint of an aromatic perfume has the ability to trigger an inescapable, visceral reaction deep in your heart and your body. Our sense of smell stimulates the nerve endings of the olfactory bulb, which lies at the back of the nose, which in turn stimulates a part of the brain called the limbic system that triggers our libido.

Some of the best scents do magic and stimulate the pituitary gland, the master of endocrine gland, which controls hormone production.

Inactiveness of pituitary gland can lead to low sex drive. So, these scents help keep it in an active state. So, if your libido is letting you down, it is time to treat yourself to some sweet smells to get back in action.

Aromatherapy are a sensual way to fire up the libido. The molecules of perfumes are so small that they can mingle in the bloodstream rapidly and are carried to all parts of the body. Natural scents present in these perfumes bear a key importance when it comes to sexual attraction.

Some scents are overpoweringly arousing aphrodisiacs for women while other are good enough to bewitch even the most sober of men. You just need to try to believe in the power of the secret bedroom helpers that these scents are.

Best scents

Here some of the best scents that have been reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

Ylang Ylang

Considered as one of the most powerful best scents aphrodisiacs, ylang ylang increases libido and attraction between lovers. It energises you, intensifies eroticism and is good for sexual experimentation.

In Indonesian tradition, the wildly aromatic flowers that produce the sweet, fruity ylang-ylang oil are scattered across the bed of newlyweds on their wedding night to benefit from their aphrodisiac properties. In a recent study, participants reported feeling more relaxed, with an elevated mood, and generally more in harmony with their mind, body, and souls after inhaling. When massaged into skin, the perfume relieves pent-up stress, and, some say, sparks sexual experimentation.


This is one of the best scents that works best for females, especially when it comes to balancing the hormones. It has a tonic effect on the reproductive organs, and can work best to boost sexuality.


Tropical florals, like jasmine, not only provoke the body’s hormone receptors that create the physical aphrodisiac reaction, but they also mentally take us to magical places that make us amorous. Jasmine Best scents lift the mood and add into the energy levels, increase libido, alleviate stress and anxiety, and promote intimacy between lovers.
Traditionally, it is used to combat frigidity, impotence and premature ejaculation, thanks to its powerful erogenous effect.


Is a powerful aphrodisiac that works best to make-up for a sensuous seduction act and some naughty flirting. It is used to combat frigidity and increase libido particularly in women. Wanna try the magic power of one of the best scents to boost your sex life? Just a drop or two in a diffuser is enough to set the mood for a perfect night.


Lavender increases blood flow to genitals and enhances female sensitivity. How about arranging a sensuous bath with your lover? A hot bath, a few candles, some flowers, a drop or two of lavender oil is enough to get you going.


In Ayurvedic medicine, sandalwood’s calming properties were effective to help balance moods, quiet the mind and inspire relaxation — key for setting the mood for sexytimes. It works wonders for men.

The sweet, woody exotic scent enhances physical sensuality and makes lovers more sexually-liberated. Considered a sexual restorative, it induces a state of calmness and serenity and relieves nervous tension. You can mix sandalwood with 3 tablespoons of almond oil. Also, when combined with black pepper oil it can give a boost to a man’s vigour.

Orange blossom

It helps the timid and shy first timers to open up and explore the unexplored. Awakens the senses! In a study from the National Institutes of Health on the effects of citrus aromatherapy, researchers determined that bitter orange essential scent has the effects of being an enhancer of sexual desire in addition to its ability to alleviate anxiety and improve mood and calmness.


Many woodsy base notes, like patchouli, elicit the strongest aphrodisiac reactions, because they can stimulate hormone receptors. Deep, distinctive and reminiscent of wet soil, patchouli was notoriously beloved among the 1960s hippie free spirited crowd, thanks to the heady scent’s ability to mask hints of wafting cannabis. Modern interpretations of one of the best scents as patchouli is, are sophisticated and sensual, with a boho-chic core.