iOS 16 runs on the iPhone 8 or later, though some features have higher hardware requirements. The Live Text and Visual Look Up features, for example need at least an iPhone XR to work. If your iPhone allows it, you can install the long-awaited system packed with exciting new features and learn more about good hacks.

As mentioned above, the system is packed with new features so that you can find several remarkable changes.

Let’s look at some essential iOS 16 good hacks you should know

Good hacks

Customizable lock screen

One of the many features introduced with iOS 16 is the completely redesigned lock screen, which can now be personalized to your needs and preferences. In Settings, you can now customize the style and color of the time or even add various widgets directly to the lock screen, making the phone enjoyable and accessible.

For example, Apple users can add a Weather widget to their lock screen, giving them an instant overview of the current status and forecasts. In practice, however, you can add any widget you would otherwise only have on your desktop.

Brand-new notification system

Along with the lock screen, we definitely can’t forget to share some good hacks about the brand-new notification systems. If you’re uncomfortable with the current method, you can change it within iOS 16. Overall, there are three ways — Number, Set and List. You’ll find these options in Settings, so we recommend trying out each style and finding the one that works best for you.

Editing iMessage messages and their history

Another important new feature Apple users have been calling for years is iMessage. As part of iOS 16, it will finally be possible to edit messages that have already been sent, bringing Apple’s system one step closer to competing platforms that have been around for a while.

It’s essential to know how the message may have changed and whether its meaning has changed. This is why the new system includes a history of messages and modifications. In this case, go to the native Messages app, open a specific conversation and find the message that has been modified.

View saved Wi-Fi passwords

You may have encountered a situation where you needed to share the password with your Wi-Fi network. If you need to share your password with an Apple device user, it’s fairly simple — the system recognizes the situation, and you need to tap the share button. But if it’s a user of competing systems (Android, Windows), you’re simply out of luck, and without knowing the password, you can practically do without.

In fact, until now, iOS has lacked a feature to view saved Wi-Fi passwords. By going to Settings and authenticating with Touch/Face ID, you can find a specific network in the list of Wi-Fi networks and tap the info button to view your saved password. Following our good hacks, you can see the passwords for all your saved networks and share them with friends if needed.

Return of the battery percentage indicator

The arrival of the iPhone X was quite revolutionary. Along with this model, Apple set a new trend by bringing out a phone with an edge-to-edge display by removing the home button and narrowing the bezel. The only exception was the top screen cutout. At the same time, the familiar battery percentage indicator has disappeared due to the cutout.

Apple users, therefore, had to open the control center each time to check the battery. Here our good hacks: iOS 16 finally brings a change and the percentage indicator back to us!

Want to share selected photos with your family?

If so, you’ll appreciate the shared photo library on iCloud, designed for this purpose. This way, you get an additional library for family albums, photos and videos that pre-selected users can access. However, you must activate this new feature as part of the iOS 16 operating system.

Additionally, in the wizard itself, the system will directly ask you to select up to five participants to share the content. At the same time, you can instantly transfer existing content to this new library and then collaborate to create it. In the native Photos app, you can switch between libraries by tapping the three dots icon in the top right.

iOS 16 Memojis

The iPhone’s most fun feature now has more customizations and stickers. But once you get past the major iOS 16 upgrades, like the new Lock Screen and editable text messages, you might find some fun — yet underrated — changes. Here some good hacks to get the best of them.

Take Memoji, for example. Apple’s avatars, which can be added to your contact information or sent in lieu of regular emojis in Messages, have a suite of new customization features in iOS 16. New hairstyles, headwear choices, nose shapes, lip colors and stickers are available in the latest software update to help your character look more like, well, you.