If you have recently met someone who you want to know better or date, then it is important to find out about his/her love situation and if the person is available. This can be tricky, and you might be worried about coming off as nosy or too eager. However, there are some simple ways to find out about someone’s love situation that will make it easy to ask for a date.

Not only will you learn about the relationship status of your crush, a mutual friend may also be able to give you some insight about their current love situation that could help you determine if you really want to go for them or not. Maybe they recently ended a relationship and are enjoying single life, or maybe they are actively dating and looking for someone to be serious with. These strategies will also help you to avoid an awkward situation if the person is already taken or is not emotionally unavailabe.

So whether you’re looking for deep questions to ask a guy or need good questions to get to know someone new, these 5 deep personal questions to ask will help you break past the surface and strengthen your connection.

Here are 5 simple questions to find out about someone’s love situation

love situation

Ask if the person is in a relationship

When you feel like you’ve made a connection with the person you like, then you can ask if the person is in in a relationship. Make your question as direct as possible to find out about his love situation and avoid any confusion. Try saying something like, “Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?” or “Are you seeing anyone?”

If he says “yes,” try not to show your disappointment. Just say something like, “That’s cool,” and then talk for a little longer before excusing yourself. If the person says “no,” don’t react with too much excitement. You might just say something like, “Cool. I’m not either.” This is a brave approach.

Volunteering that crucial information about your own relationship status can indicate to your crush that you are available if they are interested in pursuing something with you. It’s possible that they’re wondering if you’re single too, and by casually telling them you’re actually throwing them a bone.

Mention A Dating App

There are a ton of dating apps out there for different people with different needs and interests, so you can ask this question on any app. This is a good question to ask someone when you want to know about their love situation or if they are single because this is usually the reason people join dating apps in the first place. It will also reveal more about what the person is looking for, in terms of love, a fling, or merely someone to talk to.

Yup, it’s that simple. Say “Tinder” and see if your cutie wants to start a conversation about this fun Tinder date they went on the other week. If they don’t, not all is lost — you might just have to get a bit more straightforward about asking them what’s going on in their love life.

Ask About Their Partner

This isn’t as scary or direct as it sounds. Chong suggests making a casual reference to your crush’s hypothetical partner to test the waters. “You kind of just want to say ‘Does your boyfriend or girlfriend agree?’” Chong says. “If the conversation goes to things you like to do, you can hint, ‘Does your girlfriend like to do that with you?’” Not entirely obvious, right?

Ask About Their Holidays

How did you spend the holidays? You can ask this question after any major holiday like Christmas, New Years’, or Thanksgiving. It works even better after Valentine’s Day. It is good to ask this because generally when a person is in a serious relationship, they tend to spend holidays with their loved ones or partner. Your crush is likely to mention a girlfriend in their story if he spent it with her.

Ask About Their Living Arrangements

If you are in discussion with people that you want to know if they are single or not, a good way to figure out their relationship status is to ask them where they live and what type of house or apartment they have. Usually, in doing so, it will come up in conversation if they are living with a partner or not. While this won’t capture those who are in a relationship with a person but don’t live with them, it can be a good way around asking a person outright whether they are seeing someone.