Getting into a hair beauty routine is just like embarking on a skin care one. Once you’ve found one that works for you, you’ll rarely stray. Diving into the world of hair care can feel overwhelming – after all, there are so many products and it can be difficult to know exactly what to do.

It goes beyond just washing and styling but developing a solid hair beauty routine will be the best thing you ever do! Not only that, it’s a fantastic form of self care and can give you a chance to pamper yourself a little.

It is important to know what kind of hair you have to determinate what products should be a part of your hair care routine. Although your hair type and concerns will alter your hair care beauty routine in some ways, there are a few basic steps that every person can benefit from.

Here is a breakdown of few basics you need to know to find the hair beauty routine that is right for you.

Scalp scaling

Scalp treatment is the core of hair beauty routine because healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. An integral step in scalp treatment is exfoliation. Just like you exfoliate the skin once or twice a week, you also want to exfoliate the scalp about once or twice a week. You can easily do this by using a scalp scaler which gets rid of the oil, dirt, or any build up on your scalp. The scalp scaler should be applied prior to your shampoo once per week.


While choosing a good scalp treatment is important, it is still best to choose a good shampoo that will nourish and clean your hair at the same time. Our hair is exposed to all sort of dirt and pollutants on a daily basis and regularly needs cleaning. This dirt and particles accumulate and coat the hair strands resulting in dull hair. Shampoos are designed to get rid of all this gunk and build up from the scalp and is the best way of cleansing. Go for the best products according to your hair type. The results? Smooth, strong hair that smells awesome too.

Scalp massage

Some highly recommend a scalp massager or scalp brush for more hair growth in your hair beauty routine. Using a scalp massager will improve blood circulation in the scalp area and help stimulate hair growth.
A study showed that scalp massage resulted in increased hair thickness. It is, hence, no surprise that scalp massaging is an integral part of the hair beauty routine. After shampooing, use a scalp massager or brush in gentle circular motions.


Hair conditioners are products designed to manage hair easily, improving the appearance and feel of the hair. The primary purpose of conditioners is to reduce the amount of friction caused to strands of hair during brushing or combing. When the proper conditioners are used for specific hair types, they can reduce the number of split ends and strengthen the hair follicles to prevent damage. Always use the conditioner after the shampoo during you hair beauty routine, and once a week apply a treatment mask to banish freeze and bring back the shine to your hair.

hair beauty routine

Hair oil

Typically used to add moisture, shine, and a smooth appearance to the hair, the best hair oil will help protect your strands from harsh heat-styling tools. But that’s not all oils do. These days, there’s a hair oil for most complaints! Even very fine hair will benefit from a nourishing oil. Whether you leave a conditioning oil on your hair for 24 hours or 24 minutes, you’re bound to see some benefits. There are many different ways to use hair oil. An oil will keep the hair’s shaft packed full of moisture and less vulnerable to damage from heat or vigorous handling. A hair oil replicates the natural oils that your scalp produces. Like sebum, a hair oil will help keep your hair looking shiny and healthy for hours on end. From Coconut Oil benefits for hair to Jojoba Oil for hair, there’s plenty to work with when you want to try applying hair oil during your hair beauty routine.

Air-dry your hair

Dab your hair with a soft towel for a smooth and absorbent approach, then gently squeeze out the water so that your hair is no longer dripping wet. Dry your hair in sections while you concentrate the airflow down the hair shaft, on a low heat and speed setting till it feels warm. This ensures your hair doesn’t overheat. Hold the dryer at least 5 inches, or as far back as you can comfortably reach from your head and use a continuous motion to dry.

So, basic or not, proper hair beauty routine is still important to ensure our hair’s health. Just don’t dismiss these tips and you will be on your way to healthier hair.