Besides looking pretty, painting nails with nail colours serves a purpose: when it comes to nails in the winter, it’s actually better not to go bare. The deeper, darker shades of fall have their appeal, but once the holiday season rolls around, we’re ready to bust out the glitter and have a party—or at least, a party mani with some amazing nail colours.

From sparkly shades to unexpected nail colours and shapes, expect this winter to be no different. The cold-weather season is the perfect time to polish up your digits with a few trendy hues. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement with vibrant nail colours or prefer to stick to subtle nudes, we’ve rounded up the best winter nail colours to try.

Here are the nail colours and trends to get you through winter

nail colours

Leopard Nails

If you want to unleash your fierce side, what better way to do that than with a leopard print manicure? This animal print has remained a firm favorite in the fashion world for decades because it can make a statement but at the same time is very easy to wear and can mix and match with other colors.

The same approach can be applied to your nails, but combine your print with brown nail polish for a more subdued and complementary option. The warm tones make for a wonderful wintery manicure that is also fun and unique. Experiment with the placement of your leopard print. For example, choosing to keep it only at the tips, playing around with negative spacing, or opting for only one printed nail and the rest in brown polish.

Blue Marble Nails

If you are looking for interesting winter nail inspiration yet sophisticated, blue marble nails are ideal. The technique is created by placing drops of nail polish into a bowl of water and then swirling them together. When you dip your nail into this mixture, you are left with a beautiful pattern. The effect can be done in a range of colors, and you can also blend shades for a more dramatic choice.

That said, for an icy feel, dark blue polish is a great choice. Blue is also a color that looks good on nails of all shapes and lengths and is associated with luxury and elegance. The color is also incredibly wearable and great for those who want something different without being too dramatic.

Jessie Monroe Nail Polish – It’s A Wrap

“This polish gives you the look and feel of chrome without the mess,” says Mimi D., editorial manicurist and nail artist. The silver metallic pairs well with the season’s main holiday colors: white, black, red, green, and blue. It would look amazing as a full manicure or just on the tips for a fun French manicure.

Midnight Oasis – Orly Beauty

Midnight Oasis reminds you of the calm and quiet during the holidays, the winter stillness you experience at night. On nails, it’s anything but basic for the holidays— it’s edgy without being too emo-like a full-on black shade. I find that moody edginess to be really cool right now. It’s one of those nail colours you can use as just an accent on a stiletto shaped nail.

OPI Infinite Shine 2 Long-Wear Lacquer – Bare My Soul

Honestly, you can never go wrong with a sheer neutral/nude nail polish shade like this one from OPI. It looks good any time of year—including the winter months. And when it starts to chip, that won’t be super noticeable.

OPI Things I’ve Seen laquer – Aber-green

If a daring, dark hue is your go-to, we suggest making a glimmering statement in green this season with an elegant earthy shade.

Off Tropic – essie

If green is your favorite color, this one’s for you. Emerald green has been a huge color trend this year. This deepened version is perfect for cooler months and pairs well with winter layers. It has just a drop of teal to offset any yellowy tones— making it so wearable.

Boy de Chanel Nail Colour 404 Black

The easiest way to level-up black manicure? Using a polish with a shine-free matte finish, like this one from Chanel. It’ll look super chic paired with a black peacoat or puffer jacket for winter.

Paintbox Nail Lacquer – Like Canyon

Earthy, clay-inspired nail polish colors are going to be everywhere this winter. So get in on the trend and try this warm tan shade from Paintbox. The all-natural formula is 8-free, which means it’s made without iffy ingredients commonly found in conventional nail polish brands.

Hypnotic Diamond – Brillbird

This is like adding Christmas lights to your manicure. It’s elegant yet playful. When you add flash watch your manicure come to life. You can wear it alone or combine it with other colors to create a design.