Putting time in for sex on your calendar doesn’t sound very sexy, but it may be just the thing you need in order to prioritize romance. When it comes to relationships, oftentimes life can get in the way. Busy schedules take priority over the relationship, and your sex life takes a hit. Scheduling sex into your calendar is a way to make sure your sex life doesn’t suffer.

The benefits of scheduling sex are endless and just because you have sex on the calendar does not mean you can’t have spontaneous sex throughout the week. If anything, by scheduling sex, it can actually promote more willingness for spontaneous sex, because the pressure is off. The concept of scheduling sex, is similar to having the motivation to go to the gym; sometimes you’re not mentally wanting to go, but once you start moving your body, you’re glad you did.

Here are the benefits of scheduling sex with your partner.

Scheduling Sex

Most couples want to be having more sex. But since our lives are so busy and full, it just doesn’t always happen. Scheduling it will ensure it does. You can always get it on more than the schedule dictates. But with a schedule, you don’t need to constantly discuss it.

The time’s already been set aside to keep the spark alive. You take care of the issue of not having enough sex before it becomes a problem. For schedule makers, this plan can have its perks. By literally scheduling sex into your calendar, you can physically and emotionally prepare for it. It gives you something to look forward to. You may like the anticipation and feeling of being prioritized. You can fantasize about your time together, enhancing your desire.

You take care of yourself more

If you know you’re going to make love tomorrow night, and you get in the habit of making love a few times a week, it becomes more evident that you need to get more sleep! And you’re more likely to start treating your body better and sleeping more, because you do want to enjoy what’s in store. You may even dedicate more time to grooming yourself.

Ease in planning out logistics

Scheduling sex give you more control over dates and times. Household chores, kids’ routines, meetings, and engagements are all taken into consideration when you set the sex-date, and you are thus, less likely to be disappointed.

You can give it enough time

You don’t have to rush through a quick activity. Treat this as reserved time for both of you, and truly concentrate on your partner. Having reserved the slot of time ahead, guarantees more time for foreplay, time to indulge in your own pleasures, and will lead to a great experience. You have time to mentally and physically prepare yourselves. You will be looking forward to this as a date, and as the saying goes, anticipation provides half of the excitement.

You will have a better communication

Scheduling sex can also increase the communication around the way you talk about sex (which can in turn help you with the way you feel about sex). You’re more likely to be talking about what you want to do or have done to you. You might share more about the things you like and the things you don’t like sexually. You’ll be able to talk more openly about sex which is always a good thing!

You will do more sex

For those of you who have pushed time-together to the bottom of the priority list, scheduling sex is a good jump-start to your sexual lives. Losing touch with intimacy for long periods will create awkwardness and cause for it to be shelved, so take action now before it is too late. Sexual droughts often do more harm than good in otherwise healthy relationships.

Increase the commitment to your partner

A concentrated effort will assure both yourself and your partner that you are both committed to making the relationship work. This will remind both of you that your love life is as important as other aspects of your life. When you decide to make the commitment to put sex on your calendar, you are choosing to create healthier relationships in your life.

You are making a commitment to your partner by carving this time out for them and showing them that this is important to you which means they are important to you. You are dedicating time to your relationship with sex. You’re showing yourself that you want to create positive changes in your relationships and that you are willing to take the steps to do so.

Bottom line: True, your time between the sheets may not be spontaneous. But you can still have an authentic connection even if it’s planned. Sometimes, making a concerted effort shows that you’re committed to ensuring that intimacy happens. It’s not about a loss of passion. Rather, it’s about prioritizing your intimacy and connection. It can help remind you that your love life is as important as work, hobbies, friends, family and everything else.