One of the best parts of Halloween is pretending to be someone or something you’re not. And if you’re already getting into costume and character, why not extend your Halloween role play into the bedroom?

First, figure out what kind of role play would be a turn on to you. Invite your partner to make a sexual fantasy bucket list, and then share your ideas. After choosing a fantasy that you want to try together, set clear boundaries that you both agree to follow. It can be helpful (and sexy) to “act out” your role play scene over text.

During sex, encourage your partner by telling them what you love and how much it turns you on. Role play is funny, silly, hot, sexy, and often super weird, so just have fun with it! Don’t forget to check in after you play. Figure out what was working for your boo and what wasn’t. You might end up with enough ideas to keep you hot all the way through the winter.

Role play allows you to get out of your comfort zone and to act out any sexual fantasy you have. Have you always dreamt about a sexy repairperson coming to fix your dishwasher and seducing you instead? Make your dreams come true with nothing more than a willing partner and a tool belt.

While role play can be a fun, year-round activity for couples, Halloween does make it easier, thanks to the plethora of costumes at your fingertips.

Ahead, we’ve suggested some Role play to get your creative juices flowing

Role play

The Sexy School Girl

The first popular Role play costume that comes to mind is the School Girl where you get to be a little naughty and and a lot nice, letting your partner take control. In addition to purchasing the costume, you may also need to buy a pair of stockings and some ribbon to match the plaid skirt, if it’s not already included. These two things really seem to complete the fantasy costume. Also consider buying a ruler.

Here’s one suggestion of how to get the scene started. Find out what time your partner will be arriving home so you can be sitting at the kitchen table with a notebook and pen. Write out some random math equations and tell him you need help with one of them. Make sure you use his last name when asking for help, you don’t want to be disrespectful to your teacher…or maybe you do.

No matter which path you chose, the naughty school girl or the disrespectful school girl looking to get spanked with a ruler, everything will fall into place the moment you ask him to help you with that math problem.

The Cheerleader

If you didn’t get a chance to be popular in high school, Halloween is your chance to pick up the pom poms. You’ll need a uniform and a pair of pom poms and megaphone. For a couples costume option, ask your sweetie to put on some shoulder pads as the captain of the football team or pay homage to a lesbian classic by dressing like Megan and Graham from But I’m A Cheerleader. When the socially-distant, outdoor party is over, sparks will fly when you whisper what you want to do under the bleachers.

The Kinky Cop

If your partner is regularly the aggressor in your relationship, he may have hinted he would love to see you in a Kinky Cop uniform. This is your indication to be the assertive one in the bedroom for the night.

When purchasing the costume make sure it includes a good pair of handcuffs. Depending on your plan for him, he could be in those cuffs for hours, so let’s make sure he’s comfortable. There are multiple apps you can download to your phone for free which include police lights and/or a police siren. Pick whichever one you feel will best fit the scene you have planned. They seem a bit cheesy, but remember this is all in good fun for a memorable night.

The Delivery person

The “pizza delivery boy” porn trope might seem silly, but for many of us, the idea of a sexy stranger showing up at our door for a surprise “good time” is a deep-rooted sexual fantasy. For this Halloween costume, you don’t have to stick with pizza delivery — honor the postal service with a USPS uniform butch it up in an all-khaki ensemble as a UPS worker. When the Halloween festivities are over, step outside, ring your partner’s doorbell and prepare to deliver orgasms.

The Playboy Bunny

If  your partner is dreaming of having a bunny in the bedroom, then he also wants to be the centrefold photographer. Use a real camera for this scene if you have one. You don’t want your cell phone falling into the wrong hands with those kinds of pictures! Along with the camera, have some fun props to add to your costume like a feathered boa, mascaraed mask, long satin gloves, and a folding chair for displaying different positions.