It’s a new year! It’s 2023. Time for a fresh new start. Out with the old and what’s holding you back and no longer serving you for a new you. In this guide, we are going to walk you through a unique approach to changing your life by cleaning your wardrobe from the inside out which will help you save time, money and space for a fresh new year.

This will also help you avoid and reduce overwhelm, busyness and burnout. Whether you’ve got a roomy walk-in or a single standalone robe, a well-organised wardrobe is the fashion makeover we all need to start a fresh new year. Curating your closet will help you cut down on your morning routine, fight decision fatigue about what to wear and persuade you to finally part with those bargain purchases you’ve never even worn.

Here’s our guide to clean out your wardrobe to start a fresh new year in style

fresh new year

Empty your wardrobe in one place

That massive pile on your bed or floor will give you a clear-eyed view of just how much you own for start a fresh new year.

Cull the clutter

Feel fabulous with a fresh new year start. Clear out your closet completely, sorting each item into one of four piles: keep or repair, donate, sell and bin. As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn or used the item in the past two years, it’s time to let it go. Think of your wardrobe space as valuable real estate, where only your favourites can remain. The end goal is to be able to open your wardrobe and happily pull on anything in sight.

Redesign the space

No matter what size you’re working with, there are simple tweaks to maximise your wardrobe’s functionality to start a fresh new year. If you’re short on hanging space, consider installing a double hanging rail for bonus horizontal storage. Take advantage of vertical space above and below the rails with hooks on the walls for hats and belts, or add in floating shelves.

Shelf dividers, drawer dividers and over-the-door organisers are handy, and you can likely repurpose what you already own for storage solutions, like shoeboxes for sunglasses, woven baskets for handbags and small bookcases for shoe racks.

Categorise and coordinate

Now that you know what you’re keeping, it’s time to get organised. Visibility is key, so hang as many items as possible. This keeps your clothes crease-free. Use coordinating hangers and make sure every hanger hook faces the same direction to save space and create cohesion.

Roll or fold clothes in drawers or nooks, so individual pieces are easier to access, grouping together items like t-shirts, pyjamas and socks. Save precious drawer space by folding and stacking thick items like jeans and chunky knits.

Create a workable order

Make your wardrobe’s story make sense to start a fresh new year. You’ll want it to flow beautifully so you can mindlessly grab a work or workout outfit before you’ve had your morning coffee. Place items you regularly use, like jeans, running shoes and work clothes, at eye level in the most accessible spaces.

Store lesser-used items above or below your most popular looks, and file occasional items, such as evening wear, to the back of the top shelf. Add labels to each shelf, so you know where everything is without having to sift through.

Switch up for seasons

Short on space? It’s best not to clog your wardrobe with clothes for all seasons. You likely won’t need a heavy winter coat in the peak of summer. At the end of each season, rotate your wardrobe and pack away items into space-saving bags in another room of your house. Store swimwear and summer dresses at the end of the warmer months and boots, scarves and puffer jackets after winter. Leave a few trans-seasonal pieces on hand to see you through the transition.

Rotate new purchases

With all the hard work done, you can now marvel at your makeover. One simple way to preserve your pristine system is to introduce a one in, one out policy. Make sure you really love any new purchases because you’ll be getting rid of another for each new item. Letting an old item go, whether you sell, donate or bin it, not only keeps your wardrobe functional it also helps you edit your look without cluttering your closet.

Prepare for next year

To stay on top of your wardrobe, a great way to continue getting rid of the things you should is to flip all of your coat hangers in your closet in the opposite direction at the beginning of the year. Every time you wear something, swap it to face the other way. Then, at the end of next year, you’ll be able to clearly see the things you haven’t touched and can more easily justify getting rid of them without any debate.