Creating a fun, fulfilling sex life—and giving the best sexy gift—requires creativity, cheekiness, and a dedication to pleasure. What better way to demonstrate those qualities than by buying a sexy gift for Christmas for someone you adore? Aside from the obvious nice-to-be-naughty aspect, sexual pleasure is also a powerful form of self-care—and couldn’t we all use a little more delight in our lives?

Maybe you’re a vibrator connoisseur or perhaps a curious novice. Maybe you’re shopping for a Christmas gift or a romantic gift just to show that special someone you’re thinking of them. Whatever the reason and whatever your giftee’s tastes, we’ve got the best sexy gift primed to light up anyone’s holiday (including your own), from sex toys, lacy lingerie, and kinky card games to BDSM starter kits.

Below we’ve curated the best naughty sexy gift ideas for Christmas.

Sexy Gift

Massage Candles

We see a lot of candles at Christmas, but none will heat up your holiday like the Massage Candles. Candles add beautiful light as well as the candles say romance. So, buy a massage candle as once it is lit, the candle melts into a massage oil having very descent scent. Massage oils are not greasy and they will provide comfort and as well as relaxation to your mind to take you well into your sexier new year.

Date Night Box Set

Use this game as a way to engage in foreplay or just for a fun and steamy night in. Choose from the Talk, Flirt, or Dare cards to encourage sexy conversations and connection. Tasked with answering a deeply revealing question or completing an adventurous dare, you end up learning a lot about your partner—and yourself. If you and your partner love card games, and you know…attempting to try out new positions in bed can sometimes feel technical and overly complicated, especially when you’re maneuvering into formations that seem to involve far too much bending, you’ll also love some set of position playing cards.

Anal Beads

Butt plugs can be intimidating—but there are a lot of adorable anal beads which are designed for butt-play beginners. While plenty of people enjoy anal stimulation, it tends to be a topic that mainstream sex talks avoid. So if you can’t bring yourself to say the words “play with my ass, please” aloud, drop a major hint by adding some fancy anal beads to your shopping basket.

Kinky Set

Discovering that you and your partner are both into S&M is exciting, partially because it opens up a whole new world of gifts and accessories to test out. If you are both new on this practice choosea  kinky starter kit that includes a blindfold, silky wrist cuffs, and a feather tickler, all of which you can use to unleash your inner dominatrix. Going for a light-bondage set starts things off slowly, which is perfect for kink beginners who want to dip their toes in the world of S&M. Top tip: Regardless of how lightly you play, always make sure to have a safe word!

Sexy Luxury Underwear

Want to let your partner know how much you love everything about them? Slip something naughty under their tree. The state-of-the-art luxury underwear gift is something they’ll love. We suspect you’ll like them, too. Few sexy gift are more welcomed than sexy and beautiful underwear from someone who cares about you.

You want to give a Christmas gift to a woman? To satisfy and surprise her, keep in mind the spirit of Christmas sexy gift: choose a gift that is personalized, intimate and romantic. These are all qualities of sexy lingerie! Because yes, all women love luxury lingerie, a true object of desire.To give her beautiful lingerie is to prove that you know her tastes, her desires.

A sexy set or refined, high quality panties, sensual and elegant lace, endless embroidery… the perfect gift! With high-end women’s underwear, play the card of sensuality and romantic bonding. This would enhance their passion for having sex. If you want to enhance the flame of eroticism complete the gift with a bondage kit or handcuffs, silk blindfold, and many other products you need to fulfill your secret desire of having wild sex with your partner on Christmas.

Looking for sexy gift for your boyfriend or husband? Your man couldn’t be happier than receiving some sexy or naughty underwear – it does strengthen relationships. Additionally, buying your partner new sexy things encourages your partner to explore new dimensions within themselves. Celebrating your partner’s self-exploration gives the opportunity for continued rediscovery of each other, renewal of your spark, and future erotic moments.