Kissing is a way to show affection, bonding and feeling pleasure. Many societies have traditions which involve kissing. Kissing can indicate joy or be used as part of a greeting. It involves the touching of one’s lips to the lips or other body part, such as the cheek, head, or intimate parts of another person such as the Greek kiss.

When it comes to sex, kissing is key to boosting arousal during foreplay and helps keep you horny during sex. However, it is not just the tongue kissing or the skin contact of the partner that can provide pleasure.

The Greek kiss, a technique that consists of licking or caressing the other person’s anus with the mouth also contributes to make sex sexier and get out of the rut.

Where the Greek Kiss Comes

The way sexuality has been built throughout history comes largely from ancient civilizations. The Greek kiss is an example. As the name says, he was born in Ancient Greece and was practiced only by man, during orgies, as a way to stimulate and lubricate the anal region for penetration. Over time, men and women also began to practice it. So, the Greek kiss has become a universal practice and can be practiced by both hetessexual and homosexual couples.

Greek kiss

Benefits of Greek kiss

Both the mouth and the anus are regions that count on many nerves and when they are stimulated vasodilatation in these zones, causing peaks of pleasure during the sex. Therefore, the practice of Greek kissing can increase the intensity of both the practitioner and the recipient.

In addition, the Greek kiss enhances the intimacy of the couple, because in order for it to happen pleasantly, there must be a connection between the two . Not to mention that it is more a sexual practice to be exploited to get out of the rut and spice up the mood.

How to kiss

At the moment of making the Greek kiss, it is possible to give kisses and licks on the glutes of whoever receives. Next, bring the tongue close to the anus and lick the walls of each of the buttocks making circular or horizontal and vertical movements with the tongue. Who is making the Greek kiss can also caress the partner’s genitalia with the hands.

If it is the man who is receiving the Greek kiss, it is possible to nurture the region of the scrotal sac or masturbate the partner. It is also possible to do the opposite. You can start having oral sex in the penis or vagina and then slipping into the partner’s anus little by little.

Talk about the kiss

Fool anyone who thinks sex is just practical. Theory and dialogue are also important. And in relation to the Greek kiss, dialogue is fundamental. So, before the couple starts practicing it, it is necessary to talk about it. If you and the person you are thinking of doing have never talked about it, it is important to talk about each other’s expectations.

Greek kiss and anal sex

The Greek kiss is a way to lubricate the region of the anus for penetration. It is worth emphasizing that this dynamic needs to be combined in advance between the couple so that there are no scares and constraints.

Good care is important

Since mouth contact with the anus can transmit diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, it is important to pay attention to the prevention. The anus can transmit diseases such as HPV, genital herpes, syphilis to HIV, because some people can eliminate secretions from the anus, if the person who is making the Greek kiss has a mouth sore or caries can become contaminated.

Experts say that the risk is the same as conventional oral sex. In addition to sexually transmitted infections, there is risk of transmission of intestinal parasites. They point out that anal sores may not be identified in the act of kissing because of the small size of the lesions and difficult to spot. If the precautions were put into practice, the Greek kiss can increase the pleasure in sex. However, there are situations in which a Greek kiss is not indicated:

  • When the person receiving it has a gastrointestinal problem
  • When the person receiving it has gas
  • When the person receiving it does not you have sanitized the anus region

Care after the Greek kiss

It is common to have doubts about what to do after the Greek kiss. Unlike many people think, it is not appropriate to sanitize the anal region as soon as the caress is over. This is because, due to the great vascularization of the region and the contact with the saliva, it is not recommended to clean the anus soon after the act. For those who make the Greek kiss it is important to clean the mouth with brushing, mouthwash and antiseptic use.