A anal plug is a sex toy that goes in the anus. They are usually shaped like a cone, starting narrow and getting wider before narrowing again. Anal plugs also have a wide base to prevent the toy from going in too far. Unlike many other sexual toys, such as dildos, a anal plug is meant to remain in place during sexual play.

A anal plug can be used to stimulate the anus to prepare for sex. This is because the tip of the plug is close to the female g-spot and the prostate, the male g-spot.

The anus has a lot of nerve endings, and is near both the male and female g-spots. It is common to stimulate the anus for sexual pleasure. People with prostates enjoy anal plugs because they stimulate the gland, potentially leading to a prostate orgasm. Even if one doesn’t occur, most still report that it feels good.

There are anal plugs that are specially shaped to reach the prostate. People with vaginas also enjoy butt plugs. Wearing one during penetrative vaginal sex can simulate double penetration—getting penetrated in the anus and vagina at the same time.

People who enjoy anal sex use anal plugs to warm up the anus before sex. They may also masturbate using a anal plug when they are by themselves to enhance the experience. Anal plugs can also be part of dominance and submission games.

Here is all you need to know about anal plug.

anal plug

How to Play With a Anal plug

Start slow. Anal play is often more enjoyable when you are relaxed. If you are tense, an anal tear may occur. Pay attention to how you are feeling. If something hurts a lot or doesn’t feel right, slow down or stop. Start with something smaller than the anal plug. A finger is usually a great tool for warm up.

If you don’t want to spread bacteria from the anus to other parts of the body, or you want to keep your hands clean, wear a disposable latex or nitrile glove. Put lube on your finger and rub the rim of the anus gently before inserting your finger. Once you fit a finger or two in there comfortably, move on to inserting the butt plug. 

Wash Your Hands

Even if your anus is clean, it can still harbor bacteria that can cause infections in the vagina. After you touch the anus, make sure to wash your hands before touching other genitals. Wash with warm water and soap to prevent infections.

Care and Cleaning

Most silicone toys can go in the dishwasher as long as they don’t have a motor in them. This kills bacteria. Boiling glass, silicone, and stainless steel toys will also disinfect them. Make sure to do this before sharing a toy with a partner. Even if you only use the toy on yourself, disinfect it periodically to stay clean and healthy.

Always Overdo the Lube

When you have anything coming into the back door, lube is your best friend. It makes the whole process less gross and more slippery. There’s no such thing as too much lube, because the rectal lining doesn’t produce natural lubricant the way a mouth and vagina do. Lots of people experience pain or discomfort during anal play because they aren’t using enough lube. We recommend trying a silicone based lube and a water based lube to see if you have a preference.

Massage your Partner

If you’re using the anal plug on your partner and they are hesitant, a nice way to make the act feel more intimate and less scary is to put those massage skills to work. It can erotic to play with the idea of anal stimulation telling you partner how you are going to insert it and slowly move the tip around the anus as one talks gently pushing the tip into the anus until the person is relaxed enough to allow it all in. A huge part of anal play is relaxing the muscle so that it does not hurt and that is also about relaxing the mind.

Experiment With Various Sex Positions

When first exploring butt plugs, you’ll want to figure out what the best sex position will be for you and your partner. Experiment with different positions for anal plug insertion to find out which one is best for you. Each person is different and will find different positions most comfortable based on their specific anatomy. Some people use numbing creams to avoid discomfort during anal play. However, this will prevent you from feeling when your body wants you to stop. For your safety, avoid using numbing cream when using a anal plug.