Like many things in relationships, the best sex toys for couples can be a tricky thing to agree on—but it’s so worth it, since they’re ultimately an investment in your sexual health and wellness. And if you’d drop a couple hundred dollars on an exercise bike, why not spend the same on your sex life?

There’s something out there for just about any kind of person, budget, and preference, let alone two people—and things get even more personalized with all the attachments you can add to your favorite vibrator.

Assuming you and your partner have agreed to purchase a sex toys, the next step is deciding what toy—or sex toys—you want to bring into the bedroom. Any toy can be a couple’s toy. Their use is as diverse as the people within a given relationship, and they don’t have to be used for just penetrative intercourse.

Plus, partner sex isn’t one specific act. For starters, foreplay is key, and these toys can help you explore different erogenous zones. They can take the tension relief of makeup sex to the next level, and assuming you’re both past the “should you or shouldn’t you buy a sex toy?” stage, a new gadget could be just what the two of you need to blow off steam.

Here are the best sex toys for couples that are fun to use together

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Common Bond Arousal Oil

This CBD-based oil is designed to heighten intimacy for the most pleasure. It’s formulated with full spectrum CBD, lavender, sage and other botanicals. Apply it 15 to 20 minutes prior to intimacy for enhanced sensation and arousal.

Vibrating Ring

A vibrating cock ring is a great choice for partner sex since the small vibrator is strategically located to rub against the whole clitoral area while a couple are having penetrative vaginal sex. Penis rings are also helpful to support a man’s erection because it maintains the blood flow in the genital area. Last, sometimes men get aroused as well from feeling the vibration against the penis.

We-Vibe Sync

One of the best sex toys we recommend for heterosexual couples is the We-Vibe Sync. It’s a cuff-shaped vibrator that has a pancake-shaped top that stimulates the clitoral area and a smaller vibrator that slips inside while a couple is having penetrative sex to stimulate the G-spot. The cuff stays in position so the device doesn’t slip in and out while a man is thrusting.

It’s also waterproof, which makes it great for the shower or bath or a private pool. There’s a remote for either partner to change modes of stimulation and there’s a WeConnect app to sync up music to the rhythms of the vibrator even when partners are apart (great for those work trips).

Trojan Ultra Touch Fingertip Vibrator

This vibrating fingertip massager extends and intensifies a lover’s touch. This toy gives couples the boost of extrasensory titillation while staying connected to each other. It can be used to create layers of excitement with a simple graze of the hand all over a partner’s body, including erogenous zones and genitals.

Tenga SVR

This vibrating cock ring has a deep, satisfying motor, which enhances sensation for both partners when the vibrating part hits the clitoris or perineum during penetrative sex. You can also slip your fingers through the loop and use them to penetrate a partner while the vibrator stimulates their external bits.

Tantus Beginner’s Strap-On Kit

Curious about pegging? This kit will get you started: it comes with an adjustable harness, two differently-sized dildos (including one super-small one for total newbies to butt stuff), and a bullet vibe you can slip behind the dildo to make sure you both enjoy yourselves. Throw some water-based lube into the mix and you’re good to go!


Petite but highly efficient, the b-Vibe isn’t your ordinary vibrating butt plug. The device actually replicates the sensation of being rimmed, which, yeah, feels great.

Flogger for Couples

This silver metallic faux leather whip is on the cuter end of the BDSM accessories spectrum but still will sting when playfully wielded. Take turns using it on each other for a buildup and pleasurable tingling experience.

Dominux Deluxe Blindfold for Couples

Blindfolds are great sex toys for building tension and teasing your partner. This lightly padded one is a better option than the many flimsy versions on the market, and it has a buckle that keeps it in position far better than the satiny, slippery ribbons on other masks.

Bondage Boutique Black Rose Under Mattress Restraint Kit

Transform any bed into a den of dominance and submission with these kinky sex toys for couples. Pop it under the mattress of any bed, adjust the straps to the correct length, then put the cuffs on your partner and let the fun begin.