Anyone can fear anything. But really is it so? Means really the fear could be anything? Can it be a fear of female and further female genitalia also? Though it sounds weird, yes, there are people who have a phobia of female genitalia. This fear o is known as Colpophobia.

Colpophobia only sounds to be an unusual type of fear, but it could really prove to be a very serious one. One who is suffering from this fear would try to escape from women for almost all the time. Now, it is very obvious that almost everyone confronts female and actually female genitalia once or more in their life. So, people who are Colpophobic, found themselves to be very uncomfortable while hanging around a woman.

This situation provokes in the individual a rejection of sexual contact, from which complexes develop, or even terror of a sexual or semi-sexual encounter. This phobia is manifested by sweating, anxiety and a latent discomfort in the subject due to the nerves that it provokes to maintain relationships with their partners.

Sigmund Freud – the father of psychoanalysis – tried to explain this behavior using his hypothesis on penis envy, generating rejection in numerous scholars in the field.

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Colpophobia is a very peculiar disorder whose causes have not yet been specified. However, some specialists offer hypotheses that those who suffer from this phobia may have been exposed prematurely and in a vulgar way to the genitals (both physically and through external means, such as magazines or movies), and there could even be a situation of child sexual harassment. Some of these causes, which can be varied, include: rape, sexual harassment for having a large genital member in men, having a deformed vulva, early exposure to shocking visual content, related to the physiognomy of the reproductive system.

The origin of the aversion is in an experience of the past. Sepúlveda (specialist in the case) indicates that many of these traumatic experiences occur at a very early age and in some cases, caused by a member of the family or close friend.

The phobia is rare and a very serious one. It can disturb a person’s behavior and can create sexual fear along with psychosexual anxieties. People who face Colpophobia face problem going into a relationship with a women or are uncomfortable with women. Fear of women and fear of female genitals are often misunderstood, people think that they are same but no, Colpophobia is different in this the person fears female genital: vagina and is not comfortable around women. An extreme case of Colpophobia can lead to fear of women. The phobia can make a person live a homosexual lifestyle.

Major problems due to colpophobia

Psychosexual anxieties:  It is a disorder caused due to sexual and physical condition where the person is mentally disturbed and faces psychological issues due to sexuality. Psychosexual anxieties are common in people facing eurotophobia because they have the stress that they would encounter the female genital during sexual intercourse. The thought of female genitals makes them nervous and stressful leading to psychosexual anxiety.

Sexual fear: colpophobia can further head to sexual fear if not treated immediately. Sexual fear is the fear of have sex or intercourse with respective partner. If a person is facing colpophobia then this phobia can be a problem in any normal relationship where the partner going to the phobic stimulus may not be comfortable having sex and is scared of the female genital.


Obviously when there are no distinct symptoms and causes of colpophobia. So, again the treatment would vary from person to person. This can be treated by incorporating therapy sessions or using medications or some other methods, either of the ones which are most suited by the sufferer.

Shock Therapy could be a solution. The therapist confronts the person with an enormous amount of female pictures. In early days, it could be a shocking or terrible experience for the sufferer, but later on, he/she will build up more confidence. It would become less terrible and further non-existent fear for the sufferer to meet a woman.

Other experts believe that such direct therapies can be harmful. For them, the only effective therapy is to delve into the origin and discover what caused this phobia through far-reaching therapies. 

The phobia is not a common rather a serious issue. But one should believe that all problems have a solution similarly every illness has a cure. Colpophobia cannot be treated complete but it will fade away with time. There are therapist and doctors who can help overcome our fears. One should always remember that fear is the weakest part of our brain. We can overcome our fears by believing in ourselves.