Every time a new year arrives, a lot of people make resolutions for self-improvement. That’s why this is the perfect time to think about things you can do to take your sex life to the next level! Resolve to have the best sex ever in 2023. In this article, we will be sharing 5 of the best key aspects for making sex more pleasurable, and for keeping things fresh and interesting in the bedroom all year long.

Here are 5 key aspects to improve your sex life in 2023

key aspects

Add sex to your to-dos

Having a regular schedule for your sex life will ensure that you stay focused and motivated. You can use a calendar to keep track of your sexual activities. You can set aside specific times during the week to connect sexually with your partner.

Make sure you include some fun in your routine too. We schedule doctor’s appointments, work meetings, and drinks with friends—so why not sex? It’s not the most romantic approach, but setting aside a specific time with your significant other means you’re making a commitment to having an active sex life. This way, you’ll feel compelled to keep the appointment and be less likely to make excuses.


This might sound obvious, but communication is one of the most important key aspects when it comes to having a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. When you communicate openly and honestly with each other, you both feel comfortable enough to share what you really think and feel.

This allows you to express your desires and needs without fear of judgment from your partner. Talk about your expectations before you engage in any sex act is one of a key aspects to improve your sex life. Talk about what you like and dislike. Discuss your fantasies and fetishes. If you don’t discuss these things beforehand, you may not know how to give pleasure to your partner.

Build up your body confidence

If you don’t feel good about your body, it can be difficult to be in the moment during sex. Your mind may start to wander to distracting thoughts such as “How do I look right now?” or “Does my partner find me attractive?” Those kinds of thoughts can make it harder to stay aroused and more difficult to reach orgasm because we’re stuck in our heads instead of focusing on the sensations and pleasure we’re experiencing. 

Building up body confidence is pne of the key aspects to improve sexual self-confidence that is crucial for having truly great sex. There are a lot of things you can try when it comes to building up body confidence. For some, it might mean looking in a mirror and finding something you like about your body and then engaging in some body appreciation exercises. For others, it might be getting new clothes or underwear that makes you feel comfortable and sexy.

Find ways to boost your confidence that work for you. And if this is something you’re still struggling with, you might try some mindfulness exercises. These can help you learn to be more in the moment during sex by tuning out the distractions.


Regular exercise is on of the key aspects to improve your sex life. There’s no better feeling than coming home after a heart-pumping session at the gym, knowing you’ve done something good for your health. But beyond toned bodies and muscular physiques, did you know that sweating one out can have a positive impact on your sex life as well? Regular exercise can help both men and women improve their sex lives and increase libido.

Routine exercise keeps the cardiovascular system healthy, important for libido and erections. Exercise can also increase levels of sex hormones as well as endorphins, help women feel better, and improve body image.

Take time out to relax and laugh

Sex with a loving partner can be one of the most beautiful and intense experiences in life. Sometimes the best sex happens when you’re not worrying about making it exciting or orgasmic. Relax with your partner and great sex may find you. Laughter has been proven to help to de-stress and increase blood flow.

So, if you want to improve your sexual performance, laughter is a great way to go. Laughter also helps release endorphins which makes you happy and relaxed. Leads to increased energy and improved mood. It is important to take a break from sex and just share some laughs together. The reason behind this is that your mind and body need rest. When you are tired, your mind becomes distracted and you might lose focus. Taking breaks will allow you to recharge and come back to each other stronger than ever.