On the Urban Dictionary, organic sex is defined as the action to masturbate using organic fruits or vegetables, usually shaped like genitalia. But in reality, in its deepest meaning, when we refer to organic sex we refer to the opposite of everything we have been taught about sex. Organic sex collides with the usual definition of sex which is getting it done quickly and quietly.

When it comes to stress,our generation is facing plenty of demands, including hormonal changes that can also prevent efforts to have healthy intimate relationships and yet the pressure to earn and achieve goals in life. No wonder sex gets relegated. Many people are therefore taking some time to re-educate themselves about sexual pleasure through the discovery of organic sex.

Having organic sex means having satisfying sex – which isn’t only for the 20 and 30-something folks. As many happy couples know, it’s possible to enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life well into your 40s, 50s and beyond, and organic sex can help you achieve that. Self-confidence and self-awareness could make miracles: feeling wiser than when we were in our earlier years, and know what works best for us when it comes to our sex life are the key. Organic sex is nothing but tantric sex.

Organic sex is the opposite of everything we know about sex

organic sex

A good sex life involves more than just sex

A good sex life, at any age, involves a lot more than sex itself – it’s also about intimacy and touch, things anyone can benefit from. Even if you have health problems or physical disabilities, you can engage in intimate acts and benefit from closeness with another person.

Take the pressure off by putting aside your old ideas of what sex “should be.” Focus instead on the importance of tenderness and contact and take your time. If you shift your thinking around sexuality, from being goal-orientated to something that will grow and flourish over time, the most amazing experiences will emerge. This is one of the key aspects of organic sex.

Sensory exploration

When applied to the bedroom, tantric or organic sex becomes a wholly immersive sensory experience. Tantric sex is ultimately about energy experienced as sensation in our bodies, it’s about connecting with the other person, and then growing and moving this energy around, between and beyond your physical bodies. To connect with the energy in your body, you need to be deeply present with your body.’

Deeper connection

Couples that have explored in earnest an organic sex or tantric practice report lasting feelings of closeness, and an ability to overcome issues better than before. Eye contact, syncing up breath, and more awareness of your partner help bring the relationship to another level.

Part of the art organic sex is taking it slow. Yes, that can mean awkward moments abound (which many of us try to avoid in sexual relationships with dark rooms and eyes closed). But working through positions, the meditation of holding back orgasm, and the conscious connection with your partner develops the important skill of being patient.


In organic sex, you really do benefit from withholding your orgasm. Beyond procreation and pleasure, Tantric or organic sex has the power of liberation—an ecstatic experience often compared to glimpsing into cosmic consciousness. Don’t fret if you don’t get there straight out of the gate, of course, especially if your partner seems to be drifting past you in the galactic goo. But supporting each other’s out-of-orgasm launch into the ethers helps us in remembering that giving really is better than receiving.


For many couples, sexual intimacy leads to emotional intimacy, which enhances the relationship. So if libido is low, you might have to be more intentional and more creative about setting aside time for intimacy, rather than just waiting for it to happen. Being clear about your intention to connect with your partner, and creating the time to do that, will benefit your relationship in the long run. But most of all be patient and just “do it” and don’t let age knock down your libido and chances to have great sex.

The benefits

Slower, mindful sex with a focus on connection and energy balance comes with a number of mind and body benefits, not least for your relationship. There are so many benefits. We all know our bodies benefit from regular sex – our bodies need sexual energy moving through them, for optimum health and vitality.

The secret for a healthy and passionate sexual life is slowing down and nurturing our relationship with our partners, spending some time opening up together before engaging in any serious love-making. Beyond the physical benefits this practice, the real beauty is being able to relax into an acceptance of ourselves and our partner, as well as developing a deeper understanding of pleasure that’s removed from the achievement of any goal.