Childhood magical Christmas memories can last a lifetime, which is why as parents we want to do whatever we can to make this time of year magical and meaningful for our kids. Big events, like decorating the magical Christmas tree and opening gifts, are traditions we all look forward to. But there are lots of ways, both big and small, to bring special moments of wonder and joy to the season.

We have listed some ways to make this year’s a magical Christmas that your kids will never forget.

Make the most magical Christmas ever with these tips

Write the letter to Santa together

One of the most important steps to have a magical Christmas is to start off on the right foot by writing a meaningful letter to Santa Claus. Drafting a wish list for Santa is a great way for kids to practice their writing skills while giving the parents a little help in the what-to-put-under-the-tree department.

Use a glittery pen, add some special stickers and get to work with your children. If you have older kids who are starting to ask questions about the North Pole, make them write their own magical Christmas lists. To be honest, writing the letter to Santa is something really nice and magical for adults too! Then proceed to post your letter – there are places in shopping malls and specific shops where your kids can really post their letters, or you can even send it to the “real” Santa in the North Pole!

magical Christmas

Build the magical Christmas atmosphere

Set a day for decorating the house together and make it a big event. Play Christmas music, plan a special menu and treats and get everyone in the family involved. You can plan this special day whenever it works for your family: the first day of December, the last day of school..

Just mark it on your calendar as your family’s holiday season kickoff. Add little touches around the house to make it smell and sound like Christmas: Put out holiday-scented candles, diffusers and soaps. Listen to holiday music playing softly in the background or a little train chugging around the tree. Snuggle up under a cozy blanket you only get out at the holidays.

Make an advent calendar

An advent calendar is a great way to help kids manage their excitement in the countdown until Christmas. The cheap calendars filled with chocolate are always a hit with kids as having 25 individually wrapped small gifts to open. Or you could make your own advent calendar, and make it more educational using books. Instead of a typical candy-filled advent calendar, give them the gift of reading with a DIY book advent calendar.

Select and wrap 24 books (any mix your children will enjoy). Every night in December, unwrap one selection and read it together for a bedtime story and new holiday tradition combined. It’s never too late to start a countdown to Christmas – the truth is that kids just want to be able to check off the days with anything!

Start baking

Thanks to the milk and cookies you leave out, Santa never gets hungry on Christmas night. You can start baking lots of Christmas cookies way in advance – most of them will last a couple of weeks if properly stored. And when Christmas is right around the corner, don’t forget about Dasher and the rest of the hardworking reindeer!

Kids can make sure everyone on Santa’s team gets a tasty snack by spreading “reindeer food” (birdseed and/or dry oatmeal mixed with a little edible glitter) on the lawn before bed. It helps the reindeer and Santa find your house and gives the reindeer a snack while Santa is filling stockings. When the children wake up in the morning, the food is gone!

Get outdoor to see the magical Christmas lights

Babies and younger kids especially love this tradition. Stroll your neighborhood, find lights in the park or just drive around town to see the displays! The twinkle and sparkle of all the houses that are lit up never fails to make spirits bright. Turn paper bags, a little sand and some LED tea lights into luminarias to line your sidewalks and driveway.

If it’s a snowy Christmas, dilute some food coloring with water and spray designs, messages and patterns in the snow. Or make snow people, snow pets and snow forts. If you live somewhere without snow, make your own snow by kneading together baking soda and shaving cream.

Celebrate St. Nicholas day

This is mostly a European tradition, and St. Nick is the man from whom the Santa Claus legend originated. On December 6th, children leave their shoes outside their doors for St. Nicholas, and he fills them with treats or a small gift. In some countries, this tradition is even more important than Christmas itself.